"Disconnected" GUI shows in the corner of the screen

Expected Behavior:

When a user is kicked or disconnected from a game, for whatever reason, they will see a “Disconnected” GUI in the CENTER of the screen, with the error code, and a blurred background.

Screenshot of expected behavior:

Description of Bug:

When a user is kicked/disconnected from the game, the “Disconnected” GUI is off-screen in the top left corner.

Screenshots of bug:

Frequency & Repro:

I have been getting several reports about this bug from players of my game. They say it happens often, but not 100% of the time. Sometimes the GUI is in the center of the screen, sometimes it’s in the corner.

Game link: Emergency Response: Liberty County - Roblox

I’ve never encountered this bug myself, but we get several reports about it daily. Some members of our QA team have encountered this bug, but were unable to reproduce it. It only occurs sometimes, they say it’s just random.

This started happening about one month ago.

Note: I’m not sure if this is specific to my game or if it happens in other games. We’re not able to predictably reproduce this, so we can’t confirm nor deny if it’s specific to only my game. This is a Roblox core GUI, so I assume it’s a Roblox-side bug. I don’t even know how a game’s code can change the position of the Disconnect GUI.


I tested and seen that it happens when you are moving your camera GUI object moves with your camera

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I can confirm this bug is happening. This happened while joining a server in “Emergency Response: Liberty County”:

Thanks for the report! We’ve filed a ticket to our internal database and we’ll follow up when we have an update for you.


If you guys encounter this issue again, could you try if resizing the window help reset the position of prompt…?


Yes that works. Someone tried this when they encountered the bug, and they said it went back to the center.



I see what could have been happening. I will do a fix. Thanks for the info~


It has occurred again for me so the fix hasn’t worked if pushed.

Not sure if yall pushed the fix or not, but the bug is still present.

Here’s a video of someone encountering the bug: [Full Guide!] New ERLC MENU, Game Settings & MORE! | Liberty County Update (Roblox) - YouTube

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It happens to me :

• Resizing does not always fix the location.
• Seems to only happen on my monitors with unusual resolutions, for example my 2560x1440 screen encounters the bug, however my 1920x1080 does not.

The bug keeps on happening. I’m not someone who plays the game personally, but my little brother does, and he usually has a bad time when it happens to him.

He says that it happens at any time, the players are walking as normally, then they walk forward and they don’t stop walking forward. The chat doesn’t keep on updating and everything gets stuck. In his case, the “disconnected” box doesn’t even appear, so he is forced to leave the server entirely.

Sometimes even the game doesn’t send that it’s getting disconnected from the game, everything just looks as normal but nothing notifies of a possible disconnection.

My guess is one of two: either it’s a problem with roblox itself, which if it is it would be really hard to find, or it’s the game itself. I say it’s one of the game’s issues, perhaps there’s a lot of things asking for client to server and server to client actions, but I’m not a master in this so I’m not sure.

If I were to fix this I would try to get a fast reconnect to the game with the reconnection receiving important data from the client to try and make it look like a very short cut that doesn’t affect much, like the last position they were in, the car they were in and they money they had in hand. For example, when he’s robbing an ATM and the game just cuts itself, it should get the money stored somewhere so it appears again once he rejoins, and not delete the money entirely (while still having to make the missions to guarantee the money in the account).

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Only bumping because its still an apparent and frequent issue. Please look into this.


1 month later, can still reproduce. Current monitor dimensions : 2560 x 1440

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I encounter this issue any time I’m kicked. It’s not random, though. It’s literally always at the top left.

This issue is pretty annoying. Any idea when or if this will be fixed?

That’s an internet issue, not a kick issue… Try checking your internet connection if that still happens.