[DISCONTINUED] Active Lighting Adjustment || Let your eyes adjust to the light it receives

Hey there!

Let’s think about how real life works: let’s assume you are inside for a bit. You were gaming but now you feel you should head outside. You open your front door, step out, and feel a rush of summer information to your brain. At first, it’s too much, your eyes constrict to make sure you absorb less light. Now that you are outside looking in, your house looks mighty dark (and small, now that I can see).

This script should helps reproduce that effect by using a quintuple ray system to adjust ExposureCompensation, Brightness, bloom, and color correction.

You can find the script here: https://www.roblox.com/library/5139285907/Active-Lighting-Adjustment

Some caveats:

  • It will delete any existing Bloom or ColorCorrection PostEffect.
  • It will override ExposureCompensation and Brightness properties in Lighting.
  • It assumes you are using daytime dynamic lighting.

If you want to adjust some settings, lemme know! I can create a settings dictionary in the OG script.

Thanks for reading, I hoped I helped! :heart:


Update: It now uses color correction to make the effect look more convincing.
In addition, I have made a video that shows exactly what it does, and how it works.


This would be a great resource for realism, but:

2 yours? And your eyes, constrict in this case, not dialate. :thinking:

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Why is your model formatted so strangely? Had to go through two dummy scripts to get to your actual code. In the future I would suggest just directly posting it.

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@VegetationBush I fixed the issue :slight_smile:

@jackTabsCode There aren’t any dummy scripts. The first script (the main one) requires the module (so it can auto-update), and the second is just the module.

You should continue this again. This is the exact same feature Unreal Engine 5 has today. This can really affect realism in Roblox.

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Agreed! I feel like lighting is a highly overlooked thing when it comes to niche effects like this. It just adds a touch of realism that baked lighting is bad with.