Module has been discontinued due the old system being basic and handling issues from without, I wouldn’t use this is I were you unless I make newer version.



UPDATE 1.0.1

Fixed Module
Fixed permissions breaking ingame

This module is great for creating a ban system for your game! I’ve been using this for my group and I haven’t run into any issues so far! Highly recommend you use this if you need an advanced ban system.


Thank you for the feedback! :smiley:
I do appreciate each and every type of support and seek for the features to be even better each time.

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This is a terrible example, there’s no security on the event.


checking if the player who is firing the event is at the minimum rank, then it will fire.
else you can make it kick them / send a message in console / log it.
I do not see what the issue is towards that.

& To also state on this that was only a demonstration on what you can do with this, not the actual example of code you have to put in each time, nor is it something that I took legitimate time making, the true stuff is via the module script that then will require the function, which I don’t seek that’s in issue if it’s returning if the player is the right rank & ROLE.

What you are saying at the moment, is pointless as the event is Secured the way that the player wants it and if you have a issue against it once again, this isn’t the actual function to run, it’s a demonstration. In conclusion, the remote is still secured and what you’ve just posted is just not elaborating on the full subject on what you said.

“This is a terrible example, there’s no security on the event.”
there’s no security on the event.
What I am saying is if the player is the CORRECT rank and is IN the group that then they can fire the event, else-wise it will not work.

In total conclusion, the event in secured checking the players rank. And I will only say this one last time, this is a demonstration of what you CAN do with the code, not what you cannot do / or forcing you to follow it that specific way.

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uhm- it’s not the module’s problem if u have trust issues with your group staffs/admins

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Thank you! :smiley:
& if you want to add your own whitelist system then you can do it yourself, I am not your scripter, I made this as a resource to be adapted to peoples standards.

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I do agree, this is a simple and basic ban script. There’s no benefit to this than the other 200 ‘resources’ posted for ban systems. Don’t see how this is a resource.

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We are not forcing anyone to be using this, this is simply out here for people that need a ban system, I don’t understand the criticism that I am getting for something that is optional to download? The security provides enough security for the player and they are not obliged to use it / use the demonstration code.

This is infact a resource, due to the fact that it’s free to use. Before you criticize on my post, think about the non-scripters and how that it can benefit them. Please do not come onto my post and just criticize for no reason, the system works & is secure.

You and nobody else is obliged to download / use this, I simply posted this for the fun of it and you are taking away self-confidence in posting these projects. Simply what do you get out of this?


Good job making this system!
note in doing this is cluttering up this section with unneeded posts. Sure, you can make something and think of releasing it but do you think about this stuff? This section is continuing to be cluttered with the same exact ‘resource’ over and over. Would it benefit anyone if the same exact thing is re-posted over and over with no significant benefit over the last copy? No.

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This is my final post replying to any criticism and I will state this now & to the ending of this post.
This is a resource, and if people are not liking how there is multiple ban systems then ROBLOX should do something about it, maybe filters? removing filters? I don’t know but to my knowledge I have had a lot of people privately messaging me and thanking me for this system, and I don’t seek why you have the audacity to come after my system & just honestly trash-talking it. I am sick and tired of the criticism, if it’s not about the system and how it performs, I don’t want to hear it.

If it’s an error, let me know.
If there is something not working let me know.
If anything this is not the way to go, I am done with this, I understand you are trying to give me a heads-up about it but this is just taking out confidence in these posts. I formally and foremost am done with replying to this post if it’s not about errors / bugs / updates of it.


Not what I said. I stated that it was a bad example, nothing about the module.


Are every exploiters considered admins from now on?

Seems pretty cool to me! I might use this in my Roblox game!
Also, not to mention.

You misspelled 4rd

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Who said exploiters had access to the panel, it is a simple security method that is being used.
If you set it up right there will be no exploiters THAT are admins.

Let me explain for you,

Player fires the event
Server Script checks if the player is over / is that rank that is set up
If the player is that rank then they can run the function
Else there will be a warning / kick them (You script this yourself, not me.)
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Ahaha, thank you. Wrote this post quick quickly :joy:

It doesn’t matter if the same thing is posted over and over again. Like saouvs mentioned, nobody is obligated to use this module. I don’t see how this is “cluttering” up the resources section. You can filter the results? People post their resources here to share their knowledge and aid others. If you don’t want to use it, don’t. Simple as that. A lot of people who aren’t proficient in programming could use this or other ban systems.


This looks pretty good. Keep up the good work.

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