(Discontinued.) EZOof: Re-Made Death Customizer

I like it aswell but i agree it could use some improvement at some point, thank you.

Update is gonna be a bit late ( maybe tuesday wendsday and thursday). Sorry.

No worries, thanks, I will check it out whenever, let me know.

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@Lord_BradyRocks You can edit when the ui pops up by adding this after line 30 just add a task.wait() . The particles should be on your character until you respawn.

edit: i re-read your suggestion, are you saying to delay when you die?

Hi, yes. I am saying like when you detect you die, having more time for the effects to run and play.

Right now , everything goes by so fast, you barely see the effects.

So basically adding more time in-between when you die , death effects , more time to see them, then respawn.


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Perfect, because thats what i just now made for the plugin. You should see it in the next update, possibly tommorow/


This Update features:

  • Delay Respawn Time!

You can now edit your respawn time!

  • New UI!

Improved UI in everything!

  • Introducing the remastered “NIGHT Mode!

For any developer who works at night, theres now a night mode to help them see better! Happy Developing, night owls!

  • New Options Menu!

Brand new options menu to edit with ease!

Im looking to improve the editing!

Please leave suggestions below for it!
Note: Updates are within a week!


You can just change the respawn time here.

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Yea thats another way to do it. Thanks for reminding me of that. I think ill still keep that option though.

ok but this person made it all for you

not for “me” he made it for “everyone”

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so what? what more do you expect from me?

off topic. please stop replying stupid things to me. Like you dont know anything.

I dont get what the big deal is. He said it was an ok plugin, he does not need to use it. And thats ok. Please stay on topic.
edit: its all good just stay on topic.

ok sorry just what he said sounded rude

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A mini update has been released!

You can now easily type in the number (in seconds) of your respawn time! Thanks to @lilmazen1234 for reminding me of the property in players, and inspiring the idea! I plan to make more things like this.


Maybe adding a section to “featured death sounds” or “suggested death sounds” would be nice for beginners who don’t know what an ID is.

Ok! i like this idea. Thank you for your suggestion. I may put this in :+1:

The plugin will not be recieving any more updates. The reason is that i was only planning to work on this for a short time. After seeing the little popularity i worked on it more. That time is up. Thank you to anybody who bought it, and may still find it helpful.

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Don’t you feel humiliated that it was already discontinued in a matter of days and not months?

Anyways, thank you for supporting this project.