(Discontinued.) EZOof: Re-Made Death Customizer


This is a discontinued but working and functional plugin. that customizes death.

What does EZOof Do?

Allows you to:

  • NEW: DelayRespawn: delay your respawn when you die. ALSO another way to do it has been brought up by @lilmazen1234. Thank you!

  • Replace the already put in death sound with your own by just replacing the audio id!

  • Edit (premade) a death screen and make it your own awesome design!

Theres a lot more to come in the future as this plugin is very new.

I appreciate the 30+ sales!

Thank you for reading! Hope this helps for you in the future now that its gone.

Updates are discontinued. Thanks for using my plugin. :slight_smile:


Quick note: Fixed settings randomly not opening sometimes.

Because the old topic is taken down.

I have FIXED IT now so i can put it here.

If it was taken down for a reason, you should of dealt with it and not remake it.


I wanted this to be on resources because this could help developers, in doing so i fixed my mistakes from previous topics.

Are we able to edit the death screen

If not, then, srsly.

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does this answer your question, because you have full permission to edit it as you want.

Its basically a template you can edit to make a cool design for it.

By the way everyone, undisable all scripts in death screen to make it work. Its disabled so it wont run immediatly.

Never mind I am stoopid

I like this plugin though, what is the next update gonna be

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I appreciate that you enjoy the plugin. Im currently planning new features such as settings, (dark mode, etc), and other game death related customization. Im planning on making it much simpler to edit as well.

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Welcome to update 3!!

This update comes with:

  • Dark mode! Enjoy the night developing without that brightness.

  • EZ Particles: Emit particles on death!

  • Updated Main UI

Hope you enjoy this new update!

Next update: Sunday-Monday 6PM EST.

Also in the next update, i will make editing much more simple to achieve. For example settings for the died sound script. Thank you for almost 20 sales! :+1:

How do i use this plugin? You havent given us robloxians a tutorial to use this yet

still considered spam. And the plugin is I guess OK??

deal with it, its a resource, be grateful.


Nice plug in.

Can you add to the code, a way of delaying when you die, so that you can see the particles longer… before the UI pops up?


Well, first of all it looks like you made the logo in MS paint. I’d suggest using something like getpaint.net or gimp.org.


Second, looking at the source code, you’ve made like 20 localscripts and 2 serverscripts… which isn’t ideal performance wise. If you would like to easily edit your code in the future I suggest making it more modular. Also, there is a server script in a clientsided GUI.

Nothing wrong with the concept though, just needs some tuning. :+1:

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Dont need to be grateful cuz already know how to do what the plugin does.

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Responding to a ton of people:

lol yes i did use the paint app and ill improve in the future thanks.

That is gonna be cloned and put in ServerScriptService once the insert particle on death script is clicked.

i agree thank you.

totally ill add something for this. thanks for your comment

You open it in plugins, you click a thing you would like to insert, for example the death screen, then go to StarterGUI (in this case) and edit it to your liking.

appreciate it and im very sorry.



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I like the logo not everything has to be so formal… oof

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