[DISCONTINUED] [OPEN SOURCE] Admin system with admin panel!

Hello developers!

Are you tired of the clunky and difficult-to-use admin systems for your Roblox games? Look no further! I am excited to announce the release of my new (and first) admin system.

This system is not only easy to use, but it is also highly customizable, allowing you to tailor it to fit the unique needs of your game! The admin panels are user-friendly and intuitive, making it simple for even the most novice of developers to understand, utilize and edit!

One of the key features of this system is the flexibility it offers, you have the ability to easily add, remove, and customize the ranks, settings and commands available to the admins of your game. This means that you (can) have complete control over what each user can access, and you (can) make changes as your game evolves.

Another great feature is the ease of customization of the admin panels themselves. Whether you want to change the color scheme, add things to it or even create entirely new panels, the options are (pretty much) endless, although, you will need to follow the same structure and naming of items for it to work, you can always edit the code in uiHandler to match your new designs without needing to make it the same as mine! There are 2 pre-built themes, being dark and light (light is quite bad tho). This allows you to create an admin system that perfectly reflects the style and aesthetic of your game.

In addition, this system is built using the robust and efficient Roblox Luau programming language, ensuring that it runs smoothly and without lag. Overall, this admin system is the perfect solution for streamlining the administration of your Roblox game. So don’t wait, give it a try and see the difference it can make in your today!


main (Server script): main script, just detects when a user is added and starts the system.
adminPanels: Folder holding all the panels (for organization only), the commands the user can use will be displayed in example_dark or whatever is chosen by the user (you / your team).
uiHandler: Self-explanatory, handles all the UI (animating + showing the user-accessible commands). Decided to make it on it’s own in-case u wanted to add / edit anything in the way the UI works.
commands: Module holding all commands (For organization), this module is only accessed in the config module, I made it like that so you can remove commands without needing to remove it completely.
types: module having all external user-defined types.
config: File containing all the customizable aspects of the system.

handler: Main handler, handles everything excluding UI.
main (Module script): Calls functions in the handlers (handler and uiHandler) to start doing what they are supposed to do.


To add / remove any command, open the commands Module Script. To add any command you need to have it in this format (it is found in the model itself!). You can edit / remove any of the built-in commands to suit your needs, I’ll be adding some every now and then, if you have a command in mind, comment down below and I’ll make it ASAP!

command = {
	names: {[any]: string}, -- String values ONLY
	prefixes: {[any]: string}, -- String values ONLY
	priority: number, -- a number indicating the priority (the less the number the higher the priority)
	_function: (any) -> (any) -- the function that will be called when a user uses this command



Custom command, print, it will print to the console, it shouldn’t be used in a real game this is just an example on how you can make your own command!
Firstly, we need to define the “structure” of the command

_print = {
	names = {},
	prefixes = {},
	priority = 1, -- means that ONLY players with rank smaller than or equal to 1 can call this function.
	_function = function(...) -- "..." indicates infinite parameters!

Then we add the names and prefixes

_print = {
	names = {"print", "p"},
	prefixes = {"/", "!"},
		the two tables above gives you the ability to call the command using one of:
		`/p`, !p`, `/print` and `!print`
	priority = 1, -- means that ONLY players with rank smaller than or equal to 1 can call this function.
	_function = function(...) -- "..." indicates infinite parameters!

Now we add the functionality of the command itself

_print = {
	names = {"print", "p"},
	prefixes = {"/", "!"},
		the two tables above gives you the ability to call the command using one of:
		`/p`, !p`, `/print` and `!print`
	priority = 1, -- means that ONLY players with rank smaller than or equal to 1 can call this function.
	_function = function(...) -- "..." indicates infinite parameters!
		print(...) -- Prints all the passed parameters to the output.

And done! You can now use this command with any parameters.

To remove any command simply remove the whole thing (or comment it) or you can change `Admin_System.main.config`'s command table to contain the ones you want only!


As said before, there are 2 built-in themes (dark and light), you can always add your own but make sure to edit the code to work correctly or copy the built-in designs and change the colors only.
The built-in designs:


Get the system from here.

If you have ideas for features and/or found bugs, comment them below!
Any feedback is welcome!
Have a great day (or night)! Goodbye :wave:

Made with :heart: by msix29.

Update logs

Added a feature to separate commands and to separate parameters.

/kill player | /otherCommand player -- Where "|" is the separator between the 2 commands, the separator can be edited from the "config" module!
/kill player1, player2, player3 -- where "," is the separator between the parameters, this will call the `kill` command on player1, player2 and player3 killing them all! The separator can be edited from the "config" module.

Fixed some bugs!

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Hey, this system is pritty cool!

Thanks! ..

Can you show screenshots of the UI?

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Are you able to do a video totorial?

I don’t think I can, I don’t rly like sharing my voice, I added in an example on how to make your own command, I don’t think anything else needs any tutorials.

V1.1.0 just dropped! .

then turn off the microphone feature on your recorder’s settings

What makes this unique from all of the other ones we have?
UI surely isn’t the best

Ik that the UI isn’t the best but I’m not a UI designer so I just thought it would be better then giving you guys nothing.
Now to advantages, I did mention them before but alright, It’s very easy to customize anything and everything, you can easily add, remove or edit ranks, admin, UI, commands and settings, editing settings needs just a tiny bit of scripting knowledge, adding commands tho, you will need a bit more. This system is completely safe, very efficient, and everything, completely everything is under your (and your team’s) control.

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@Highfield_Group and @VSCPlays
I’m planning to try and make the video today, I’ll mention everything and send u the link when done, if you want a specific part please tell me so I can explain it to u.

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Thank you alot msix! :sunglasses: :sunglasses:

This is here cause its “too short”.

@1DiamondBor @Highfield_Group @DarkPixlz @VSCPlays
I realized there are many other (and possibly better) admin systems out there so I’ll stop working on this system.

I’ll be making another one with way more and way better things, I also realized this system got released way too early so that’s a big mistake here. IF I made the other one AND it was better I MIGHT open-source it and mention you guys, if you obviously.

If you still want this system you can pm me and I’ll help you do everything you want with this system, also if you want to test my new admin system while I’m making it, before release, you can pm me about it, I have a lot of ideas in mind and a better system. Sorry for the inconvenience.


like HD Admin and Kohl’s Admin Infinite?

Ya, I meant HD admin but Kohl’s is also great.

Wow this is super interesting, for sure going to check this out and maybe start using it in my games!

Thanks for the nice words!

I’ll be making a better system and releasing it but if you still need this you can use it and pm me if you need any help!

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This is what i like about it. I want to have a admin system that:

  1. UI Based
  2. Easily editable so that i can add any commands i want
    And this solves both of these problems!
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Great to hear that! One thing tho, the UI only shows the commands that you can call, you can’t actually call it from the UI so that’s something for the new and upcoming version!

I left this project but I just realized some people are still using it and it got decent votes, should I remake it but better and with more options?