[DISCONTINUED] Script Compare - The First Script Comparison Plugin


Script Compare

Letter of Discontinuation:

Been quite busy lately, so I forgot to update this page. As of June 15th, 2023, this plugin has been discontinued and will become free on the toolbox. I discovered that Roblox intends to release an official way to compare scripts with much more functionality. I made this just to fit a niche need I had and enjoyed releasing a pretty big project in my eyes. And yes, I retain my claim to be the first public comparison plugin. Once Roblox releases their version, I may re-open the project to attempt to modify parts of it that I may not be fond of if I am able to.

Kind Regards,

Need a quick way of analyzing the differences between scripts? Tired of having to use third-party apps or websites to achieve this? Well, I am proud to Introduce the first script comparison plugin.
TL; DR: You can purchase the plugin for R$400 FREE here


As stated in the plugin’s description, it is still in development and prone to bugs. If you spot any that are not listed below, please report them by posting a comment. A detailed explanation of how the bug occurred is expected and a video/image demonstration is highly appreciated.

Known Bugs:

  • none so far


(coming soon) Idk, use it yourself.

How to use:

When installed, the plugin will automatically be enabled. Just select two scripts and a menu will pop up. The first script selected will be on the left, while the second on the right. If you wish to disable the menu at any time, click on the plugin’s Icon in the plugin menu. Another menu will pop up, then simply click “Disable Plugin”. And do the reverse to re-enable the plugin, obviously.

Coming Soon Never :laughing::

  • Colored keywords (based on your studio theme settings).
  • Automatic updates when a script changes.
  • The ability to make changes in the compare window.
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Could you provide some use cases? I can’t justify purchasing a plugin when the only time I compare two scripts would be a versioning diff comparison, which Roblox natively supports.

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The plugin allows you to compare two different scripts. I had written a script for an early release of a game and now wanted to come back and re-write it. Instead of constantly looking between the old and new, I could see the changes as I make them.

This is why I made the plugin. Niche? Yes, but still helpful. Though the live update feature hasn’t been implemented yet, in the future you’ll be able to see the changes if you make them to the script directly and make changes in the comparison window.


Version 1.0.1

  • Fixed line and number coloring.

Next Update:

I’m gonna attempt to fix large scripts breaking due to rich text limitation.

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Version 1.1.0

  • Large scripts now work

Next Update:

  • Colored Keywords
  • Live Comparison Updates


It appears it was not a limitation of rich text, but a problem with the script containing rich text keywords. Pretty obvious now, but 'tis the woes of programming. Remember to let me know of any issues. :slight_smile: