[DISCONTINUED] The Flash Infinite Earths - Full Update Log

The Flash Full Update Log

Recent Update


Previous Update - 2023-03-16T23:00:00Z

Season 3 - Full Dev Log


  • Added your character name as a chat tag & as overhead

  • Added new hair to DCEU alter ego

  • Added all new DCEU suits

  • Added customization to the DCEU JLF pack

  • New code in ⁠game-codes


  • Changed the UI of the abilities

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed keeping DCEU lightning when switching characters using the RP pack
  • Fixed the visual effects for stillforce’s blast ability
  • Fixed having a color changing suit when switching characters from color-savitar using RP pack
  • Fixed being able to use abilities in RP mode after switching characters using the RP pack

Update Archive:

Version 2.6

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed Dr Light Blind ability
  • Fixed Dr Light Blast ability
  • Fixed Dr Light Light Jump ability
  • Fixed Black siren sonic scream
  • Fixed Pied Piper blast ability
  • Fixed Lightning blast ability (for all speedsters)
  • Fixed VX not appearing after dying
  • Fixed firestorm alter ego
  • Fixed display character not being removed
  • Fixed categories merging when opening different ones quickly
  • Fixed merging character appearences when spamming different characters


  • Remade HUD & in-game menu
  • Changed the hide HUD button to the topbar (top left of your screen)
  • Turned off shiftlock on default when running (You’re welcome everyone, thank Pro! )


  • Added Hide HUD Topbar Icon

Added Phase Hand

Phase hand is an ability that has a long cooldown but does massive damage to your opponent!

Version 2.5

New Features:

  • Racing (Beta)
  • Party System
  • Character selection mid-game for RP Pack owners!
  • Save character feature available for everyone!


  • Brand new character selection for hopefully fixing the performance as well as making it look a lot cleaner!

Lobby & Map:

  • A new map for low end devices (same structure, different buildings) → Comes with a Lobby System where you are able to choose to play in a high-quality map for higher end-devices or a low-quality map for lower-end devices


  • Dr Alchemy Unlocked through Quest
  • Dr Light Free
  • Hartley Free
  • Atom Smasher Free
  • Black Siren Free


  • Sound effects for the new gamepass characters (Titans disincluded)


  • Updated datastore → Improved saving to avoid data-loss.
  • Removed VX 3 min & VX 5 min (converted to 1 minute so you won’t lose any VX. Eg; if you have 1 x 5 Min VX you will get 5 x 1 Min VX) :large_blue_diamond:

Gamepass price adjustments:

  • DCEU Gamepass → New price: 1000 :robux:
  • Titans Gamepass → New price: 800 :robux:
Version 2.4


  • Added Forces Gamepass (Speed Force, Sage Force, Strength Force and Still Force)
  • Added Titans Gamepass (Nightwing, Robin, Red Hood, Starfire, Superboy, Donna Troy and Raven)
  • Added DCEU Gamepass (Shazam, Black Adam, Wonder Woman, DCEU Superman, Batman, Batwoman and The Joker)
  • Added Arrow Pack (The Arrow and Deathstroke)
  • Updated Crossover Pack (Added The Arrow, Updated Supers moveset)
  • Updated Justice League Flash Pack (Added JLF 2023 Suit)
  • Updated Roleplay Pack (Added new features)


  • Added McCullouch Technologies
  • Added Central City Picture News
  • Added Ivo Labs
  • Added Central City Citizen Media
  • Added Big Belly Burger
  • Added Hall of Justice interior (Heroes Room)
  • Changed environment to realistic style
  • Increased road width
  • Removed unnecessary land
  • Moved Ferris Air Testing Facility to a new location


  • Updated all Season 1 - Season 8 Suits (The Flash)
  • Updated Reverse Flash Suits (S1-S8)
  • Updated Zoom Suit
  • Updated Kid Flash Suits
  • Updated Savitar Suits
  • Updated Red Death
  • Updated Jay Garrick
  • Updated Hunter Zolomon
  • Updated The Rival
  • Added Neon Flash, Reverse Flash and Zoom to Group Characters


  • Updated Main Menu
  • Updated Character Selection
  • Improved In-game Player HUD


  • Updated Running with a shiftlock mode (can be deactivated in settings)


  • Added new Combat system

Mobile Compatibility

  • All New Gamepasses are mobile compatible.

Minor features

  • Added Savitar suit on ability
  • Added Reverse Flash red eyes ability


  • Removed Anti Monitor quest
  • Removed Speedster Frost quest
  • Removed Rogues Quest
Version 2.3


  • Added Nano Tech mask off/on for The Flash S8


  • Removed head-turning idle animation


Week Codes

  • Added codes that can unlock badges. Join our communications server to receive them
Version 2.2


  • Added CCPD Cars
  • Added XBOX Compatibility for most characters (some features may not be working as intended)
  • Added Velocity-X gifting
  • Changed Velocity-9 to Velocity-X
  • Velocity-X speed increment (Increased by 13%)
  • Changed walking animation
  • Changed idle animation
  • Only Speedsters can access the Speedforce


  • Added The Flash S4 (Damaged Suit) to Group characters.


  • Added Speedforce Ability to Speedsters
Version 2.2


  • Added The Speedforce
  • Bug fixes


  • Added Premium Characters (Yellow Savitar, Green Savitar, and Black Flash S6)


  • Added Monitor Quest
Version 2.1


  • Added new quest
  • Added Gideon & 2024 Newspaper
  • Added open & close animation for the vault door & particle accelerator door
  • Revamped Vibe’s vibing UI
  • Fixed Mobile buttons
  • Fixed V9 disappearing when resetting
  • Fixed sparks not changing color when using V9
  • Fixed respawning in the menu with two dummies
  • Fixed speed glitch after using boost & V9
  • Fixed phase effect still enabled after dying
  • Removed ton of lag from the game in hopes that the crash rate will decrease


  • Readded the old Amazo. He now has Killer Frost, Super and Speedster powers
  • Changed cowl for Reverse Flash (Barry Allen)
  • Changed pants for The Flash (Eobard Thawne)
  • Changed position of the humans teleportation menu
  • Added Reverse Flash S8
  • Fixed running sound for Reverse Flash (Barry Allen)
  • Increased Justice’s League Flash speed by 20%!
  • Removed Justice’s League Flash’s idle animation
  • Added alter ego to Justice League Flash

Roleplay pack:

  • Added a marker feature
  • Added more time options
Season 2


  • Changed game style to midpoly
  • Added Godspeed church
  • Added Flashday Park
  • Added Savitar area
  • Added CCPD bank
  • Added Bank interior
  • Added Mercury Labs interior
  • Added Devoe’s house
  • Added Devoe’s house interior
  • Added Devoe’s lair
  • Added city decorations
  • Added crosswalks
  • Added street lights
  • Added bus stops
  • Added market downtown district
  • Readded warehouses
  • Merged Argus interior design

3D models

  • Added extrapolator models for humans
  • Added Firestorm device model
  • Added Speedster emblems
  • Added Golden Flash boots (Season 8)
  • Added 3D lightning bolts to Impulse (CW)


  • Added The Reverse Flash (Barry Allen) to the group section
  • Added The Flash (Eobard Thawne) to the group section
  • Added Joe West, Cecile Horton, Harrison Wells, Eva McCulloch, Joseph Carver, and Kamilla Hwang to the human section
  • Added Justice League Flash to the GamePass section
  • Added ProCreations Speedster to the badge section
  • Added Captain Cold to the badge section
  • Added Heat Wave to the badge section
  • Added special running effects to Justice League Flash

Sound effects

  • Added Vibe Blast sound effect
  • Added Breah open sound effect
  • Added Running Boost sound effect
  • Added Flashtime sound effect
  • Added Justice League Flash sound effect
  • Added Justice League Flash startup sound effect


  • Added soundtracks for each iconic area
  • Added City ambiance
  • Added Star Labs soundtrack
  • Added Jitters soundtrack
  • Added Argus soundtrack
  • Added Devoe’s house soundtrack
  • Added Joe’s house soundtrack
  • Added CCPD soundtrack
  • Added Flashday soundtrack
  • Added Devoe’s lair soundtrack
  • Added Hall of Justice soundtrack
  • Added The loft soundtrack
  • Added The Allen House soundtrack
  • Added Mercury Labs soundtrack


  • Updated running for speedsters
  • Updated moveset for Anti Monitor
  • Updated moveset for Amazo
  • Removed Tornado hands
  • Added mask on & off
  • Added power dampen to Cicada
  • Added power dampen to Cicada II
  • Added Choke to the Mist
  • Changed Flashtime to only affect the player using it

Alter Ego

  • Added alter ego for Vibe
  • Added alter ego for Cicada
  • Added alter ego for Cicada II
  • Added alter ego for The Flash (Eobard Thawne)
  • Added alter ego for The Reverse Flash (Barry Allen)
  • Added alter ego for Firestorm (Ronnie & Martin)
  • Added alter ego for Firestorm (Jax & Martin)
  • Added new clothing for Nora West-Allen
  • Added new clothing for Iris West
  • Added new clothing for Hunter Zolomon
  • Added new clothing for Wally West

User interface

  • Added new intro
  • Added new menu UI
  • Added new teleportation UI
  • Added new character selection
  • Added new player HUD UI
  • Added new player menu UI


  • Added flight startup animation
  • Added new Speedster animation
  • Added tachyon device equip animation
  • Added tachyon device unequip animation
  • Added cowl on & off animation
  • Added mask on & off animation
  • Added new V9 injection animation
  • Added new idle animation
  • Added new walking animation
  • Added new running animation for Justice League Flash
  • Added new stance animation for Justice League Flash


  • Added Justice League Flash GamePass
  • Added Roleplay GamePass

Inventory System

  • Added inventory system for V9
  • V9 can now be saved and used for later use in your inventory system (can be found in the menu)


  • Added Find the Thinker cap task at the warehouses


  • Added transition effect when entering & exiting interior places
  • Added new Location UI

Development Team:


  • Team Leader
  • Programmer


  • Head Developer
  • Builder


  • Clothing Designer
  • SFX Composer


  • 3D Designer

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