Discord allowed webhooks again?

So I was experimenting with Roblox to discord webhooks and found something out: Discord unblocked Roblox webhook requests?

When I use the webhook https://discord.com/api/webhooks/***, everything seems to work. What’s funnier, is that when I proxy this webhook, that’s when I get an error.

Any thoughts? Or is it just me?

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Did you try playing not in studio? Also I’m happy to hear if that’s true.

Yes, I did. Everything seems to work normally.


imma test it later

Sorry, but what is “ME OMW” mean? XD

" me on my way "

you can use Google btw

Ok thanks lol. Confused me there.

It doesnt work for me :disappointed_relieved: Its still saying: “HTTP 403 (Forbidden)”
I wonder how you managed to use discords webhook. Guess we still have to use proxys

Worked in studio, but still did not test it ingame

What proxies do you usually use for this type of thing? I had something that I made with webhooks and it’d be cool if it worked again and I was sad to see it didn’t work. Like any links if you got any would be cool. Cause I’d like to fix the webhook integration.

Sorry for that late reply but it didn’t work, I had to use a proxy

I use “hooks.hyra.io
You just replace the discord.com with hooks.hyra.io.
For more information check out this post.

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Studio session is based on your ip (or localhost) and in-game it’s the server’s ip which is banned of discord

problem with this is that if i wanted to make a feedback system, id have to get the user to replace discord.com with hooks.hyro.io

I dont really know what you mean? But you can just use string.gsub to replace the discord.com with hooks.hyra.io!

local myWebhook = "https://discord.com/api/webhooks/**/**"
local myWebhookButProxy = string.gsub(myWebhook,"discord.com","hooks.hyra.io")
print(myWebhookButProxy) -- output: "https://hooks.hyro.io/api/webhooks/**/**"

oh wow! this is amazing! thank you so much! what a life saver!