Discord Integration: A guide on using Discord through Roblox [UPDATED]



Good to know. Thanks


Interacting with off-site services through HttpService is fine, this is not subject to the off-site linking policy. That only matters when you are actually showing links to users.


I updated the tutorial a bit(replaced the pictures). If you guys liked it, I’d be glad to make another tutorial on using some of Discord’s other features with webhooks(Ex: Embeds, etc.). Thanks for all the support!


Question if I see a 429 HTTP too many request error in the console, is it safe to assume I’m getting limited? Is there a way to handle limits? Could you update tut a bit w that info?


Well when you get that error, that means(as you have speculated) you’re making too many requests. You should probably self-throttle it to ensure you don’t hit the limit. Also be mindful of Discord’s limit too, as they do not like people spamming their Webhooks.

I’ll be sure to add ways to limit your calls in if/when I recreate this guide and/or make a Part II.


Kinda sad that Roblox no longer wants to coincide with Discord. It really helped devs.


Yeah. You’re still allowed to use Webhooks though, fortunately. :grinning:


A plausible use case for the webhook feature is to convey feedback from the game to Discord. Unless the game has a lot of traffic flow, you can use it to grab feedback from the player base.

This ends up in being an advantage to the developer as the feedback flow is larger than by expecting the user to send a PM.


Looks like Discord has blocked Roblox’s user-agent.
Press F to pay respects.


F :sob:


That’s very unfortunate, anyways is there any other alternatives?


Don’t listen to anyone who might suggest you to use proxies. You’re still breaking the Discord rules with that only now they’re likely to delete everything related to it including your server and account.

A good alternative is entirely dependent on what you used them for. For error handling, use Sentry. For feedback, Trello or GitHub issues.


I’ll leave this guide up for now just in case we manage to get it unblocked by Discord + it contains some useful information in general.

If you liked using Discord for certain parts of your game and feel you cannot suffice without it, I recommend looking at this tutorial by @TechSpectrum regarding Discord bots(not webhooks). Guide to Scripting Bots | Javascript Tutorial


:cry: F
it was a good run while it lasted


Just as a future note, the mods have deleted a thread on how to bypass this, showing they also don’t want people revealing how. Don’t do it.




I’d like to note that the key thing to remember if you do use a proxy is to respect rate limits. Check out this article for information on the headers used. Your proxy server should stop sending requests once it hits the rate limit. After that you can either queue requests until the rate limit resets or just blackhole all requests until the limit is reset.


My game used to have a system that would fetch moderator logs (i.e ban/kick/warn/mute) from a moderator panel and port them over to a locked moderator channel in the corresponding Discord server, but since this block has been implemented, the channel has been silent, not that we need to kick a lot of people anyway. :stuck_out_tongue:

Aside, my game wasn’t exactly affected that much by the block, because we can still view logs ingame. I don’t know what others used the API for that would cause a big problem; did they use to fetch what was physically being printed in the output of the game in realtime or…?


I keep on getting errors like this: “Error 403 - Forbiden” any idea what could be making this error happen?


it works fine in studio but fails in the real game…