Discord Integration: A guide on using Discord through Roblox [UPDATED]



Have you integrated Sentry with Roblox? If so, could you make a tutorial on that maybe?


I haven’t yet, however I’ll be sure to take a look!


Im working on a large RPG so if you make a tutorial for good error logging you’ll be my hero.


I’m gonna explore other options(Like Sentry) and then maybe post a tutorial on which to use for what games, and how to use each one. I’ll be sure to contact you when/if it’s released!


I glanced through Sentry documentation for a few languages and concluded that it probably is not possible to support sentry directly. You might need to have a middle man such as a node.js/php server (node.js is probably better for this tbh.)

Main reason for this is because their api uses http verbs that roblox doesn’t support, such as delete and put.

Authenticating will be a bit more annoying, as it doesn’t follow the easy methods.

So in conclusion, the best and fastest way is to make a middleman connect to sentry for you. You can host a reliable web server on openshift, but it’s a hassle to set up a node.js server. Php might be easier to set up.


I’m currently working on a Sentry module. Most things are possible through POST/GET, and authentication is done through the Authorization header, though it requires a specific format.


If only roblox would add support for other web features such as delete/put and socket connections. qq

At least it’s functional, even though you don’t get all the features.

But maybe you don’t need all the features…


Perhaps the issue that should be looked at is that Put / Delete should be supported?


Here she be: Error tracking with Sentry on Roblox


Incase you didn’t know, ROBLOX doesn’t actually allow Discord.

Discord links and invite codes are banned from the ROBLOX site. If you link one, it can get removed.


What? Why?


I don’t think that’s true. A lot of groups/games use Discord, some of which are played by moderators themselves.


Please refer to this thread and screenshot.


That’s strange. I see a ton of groups having Discord links/invites on their descriptions.


I know. Although it isn’t allowed. They can’t really stop it though because of the large amount of people who use it.


Yeah, but I’m seeing some groups owned/actively participated in by moderators that allow Discord links and things like that.


Discord is against the rules because discussion can (and often does) stray from the ROBLOX rules, so ROBLOX needs to cover themselves so they’re not liable – not because they have anything against Discord, as it’s an invaluable avenue of communication with your users. You see inconsistent moderation because they block it as required by them, and not because they want to.


Ah, I see. Well this guide is still useful nonetheless.


I’d assume webhooks are still allowed, but the new discord policy. I’m not sure.


The issue with Discord moderation was cleared up a while ago on this thread:


As for Roblox moderators, I’d assume they are considering it’s not posting a Discord link/code.