Discord Integration: A guide on using Discord through Roblox [UPDATED]



I’m so glad somebody made this, I used Discord webhooks all the time before roblox was blacklisted and really missed the functionality - that is until you created this proxy server. I wish I could’ve thanked your earlier! (just got in devforum)

also can i say how smart it is to have the server send a message through your webhook when it gets blacklisted

very intuitive design my dude


Oh you must be talking about the post marked as answer. @Osyris made that, not me. :smiley:


Oh my bad, still learning how this user interface works :joy:


Can someone help me? The proxy wont work for me. When i go to the webhook via the proxy i get Cannot GET /api/webhooks/(my webhook info)


I don’t even remember the context of this post, but shouldn’t the api version be in there

like /api/v6/webhooks/yadayadayada