Discord Roblox Group Member Counter


this little bot changes the name of a voice channel to the number of group members you currently have. I thought maybe someone could use this.

Getting Started

This goes over the Basic how to use a Discord Bot and install discord.js on Windows. If you know this already go to Configuration.

To get started go to node.js and install the latest version of node, you will need this to run your bot.

You also need to create a new Discord Bot. Go to Discord Developers and create a new Application.
Choose a good name for your Bot and press continue. Now go to Bot and press on copy token, save it somewhere for later.

To invite your Discord Bot to your Server head down to OAuth2
Select like shown in this Picture “Bot” as the Scope and choose Administrator Permissions.
You can now copy the created Link and paste it into your browser. You will be asked to which Server you want to invite the Bot.

The last thing you will need to do is, download the code here.


After you downloaded the Code, open the config.json in an Editor of your choice. I always recommend Visual Studio Code.

  • Replace now AddYourBotToken with the Token you just saved.
  • Replace Guild with your Discord Guild ID
  • By URLs only replace the last part GroupID with your Roblox GroupID.
  • Replace VoiceChannelID with your Discord Channel ID.

If you don’t know how to get the Guild ID or Chanel ID, here is a tutorial for you.

The Bot only updates the Voice Channel all 30 Minutes, if you want to change that go to index.js, line 30, and change the number 30 to something else.

Start the Bot up

If you are using Visual Studio Code go to Terminal and open a new Terminal.
Run now first npm i and after that node .
You should now see your Bot online.