Discord server Banner GFX

Wow, it feels really nice to meet all the Devs I know :3

Hey Devs! I’ve made a banner for Ace Events - Server owned by an Event Organizer @AceDevArnav This took me more than a week to make! But the outcome is very satisfying for some reason (For me)… :3

Feedback is appreciated!!

Details about the GFX
  • Stage-like scene as background as if the Devs are called on stage!

  • Used Rim-lighting with Purple & Red color just like in concerts with colorful lights around.

  • Some poses look may look same but you know, posing so many characters, I ran out of posing ideas. lol


ROBLOX: ExoticDev_66 (PROFILE)

PORTFOLIO: ExoticDev - carrd.co

TWITTER: ExoticDev :space_invader: (@ExoticDev_66) / Twitter

DONATION: Donation - Roblox


DISCORD TAG: ExoticDev#2960


kinda weird doe
here are some things

  • font sucks
  • Too much lighting
  • Galaxy background is weird
  • crystal color needs improvement
    5 things

Thank you for the feedback! I really appreciate it. Well, the lighting was a lot before & I reduced it… thank you for telling me that the lighting is too bright!! Will surely look into it :3 @Dev_Simphony

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Of course its my pleasure!! Overall your work looks great like I mentioned earlier, If you keep working and focusing you will get even better :+1: .

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That’s not even valuable feedback… “font sucks” - Instead of saying that, actually give criticism on fonts, that would match the style for their graphics, and what they should use.

well i am just being honest and giving my opinion on how specific things look and act and if you have a problem with my opinion and behaviour then idc

  • That was the best font I could get. The other ones are just awkward. I felt the font which is in the GFX is better than the other ones.

  • The lighting was a lot before & I reduced it… thank you for telling me tho

  • I’ve increased the metallic to the crystals… they are just reflecting the light.

Oh that makes sense ok then

add some textures

Will look into it. Thank you :3

welcome I suppose. Add grassy and concreate like texture.

Seems good. I don’t agree with replies saying that lighting is bad, nor the font. I think all looks good.

I will say though that some crystals like the ones in the back, smaller ones, could use a little bit of work.

Looks great!

I personally love @SoftGB 's pose the most here haha

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Wow this looks good but I will just suggest a few things you could work on.

  • The lighting seems like a bit much I suggest going for a darker theme to give it a cooler look.

  • It looks a tad big for a discord banner so I suggest making it smaller

  • Try changing the fonts there are many sites you can find fonts in or you could just make your own custom font like 3d text.

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I think it looks great. You may need to check the banner dimensions so it fits.

Ahh, Tried something new & unique… :))

Will surely do the changes.! Thank you for the feedback!

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This is pretty brusque, I think it would be more effective as to why the font “sucks”, or why this is bad, blah blah blah.

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