Discord Server Quick Start Guide



So, usually that’s what I use interviews for. Sometimes on the application I ask for an age range. Usually like “13-14, 15-16, 17-18, etc.” then use the interview to verify by the sound of their voice :joy: it’s not super accurate but you can usually tell a young kid who lied about their age vs. someone older.
I never ask about personal information aside from their first name and that’s always optional. The only reason I ask for a first name is just to allow myself to get to know them a bit better and actually refer to them by name when applicable.

I personally don’t usually care about the age of my moderators. As long as they are willing and able to do their job correctly and effieicnently it’s all good. That being said, the average age of my moderators is like 15.


It’s not realistic at all, especially if your game is even a little popular. Assume all your members are at least 13, the required age by Discord, and have NOTHING that a 13 year old shouldn’t be able to see.

You didn’t imply this, but as an example that infuriates me to no end and makes me question the morals and intentions of the people behind the servers that do this, don’t put NSFW channels is any sense or form in Roblox discords.


:joy: Voice Id, I like it aha. To be fair you are right, I can make a fairly good judgment based on their responses and Voice.

End of day their performance is all that matters, it’s just from a PR standpoint beyond the walls of the platform that im concerned about. Newspaper Title “Roblox developers use Children to handle abusive content” doesn’t really go down that well in my eyes. Just being extra cautious as always :joy:


:joy: i also just updated my response too!


Yep! This is why I try to stay away from public voice channels, memes/images channels, etc. there is too much bad stuff people can post or say.


I get what you mean, but just personally I’m fine with those. I have good active admins that I trust online at all times. I can’t live without my memes about my own game :yum:


:joy: there are definitely exceptions. Servers like Jailbreak and Island Royale public voice channels are super unrealistic just because of the large number of server members and relatively small number of moderators. In Jailbreak we have something around 53,000 members and less than 15 mods.

Text channels like memes/art/images are a bit more realistic since they are easier to moderate.


Sorry Kampfkarren,

There appears to be a slight misunderstanding. We have absolutely no intention or want of inappropriate content in any of our communication channels. To ensure this we are exploring the option of creating a volunteer moderation team. However we do not think it is sensible to include young persons in this team. This is because it would be the teams responsibility to find/detect the inappropriate content and remove it. Hope this clears things up, sorry!


My mistake, I thought you meant a verification of members! :yum:


And that’s we’re good bot setup comes in too! The Dyno automod is quite good and are releasing a new form of banned words soon. You’ll be able to not only wildcard filter but also exact word filter. Dyno can also catch links, invites, spam, etc. it can’t catch everything but if you set up your moderation bot correctly it can take a huge load off of your moderators!


A lot of people use it to make it harder (not prevent) sockpuppeting.


Thanks for the amazing tutorial! This helped me to understand discord and setup my own discord server, Thanks Sean.


Thank you for this guide. It is very helpful, and my community is already off to a good start.


26 days and 14 hours later… This is an awesome tutorial!! I’ll definitely use this when I set up a new server…Or even to revamp my current one! :smiley:


Now if only Roblox let us post Discord links on their website…


We can only dream and wish.


Going to revamp and update this within the next week


@YaBoyZelda Well, we can post a link to twitter then tell them to look at one of our tweets saying the invite code.


Cool tutorial!


I have an Official Discord for my game we abide to all rules and have Moderators and Admins.

Of course there are Fan made Discord Servers that’s related to the “Official Discord” (not directly) and they are NOT PG and breaking the rules one of them is “Swearing and/or attempting to insult or provoke others is prohibited.” for one.

Would my game and Discord server be accountable for this?