Discord Server Quick Start Guide



Hey everyone!

I’m Sean.

You can contact me a few different ways: Roblox, here, Twitter, Discord: SeanPai#0001

Throughout the past few years, I have gained a good amount of experience in regards to discord server setup, moderation and management.

This guide will hopefully be all-encompassing and cover a lot of different things that I have learned and utilized over the course of my career.

So, let’s get right into it! To begin, as a developer, interacting with your community is a very important aspect that some people don’t do well. Having and running a discord server correctly is a good way to be able to interact with fans without too much of a hassle. Typical server setup takes me around 20-30 minutes.

Some helpful things you will find in the guide:

  1. Channels/Categories
  2. Rules
  3. Bots
  4. Moderators

Everything in this guide is suggested. Obviously nothing is required. Everyone has their own ways of managing servers.

All of the examples included will be from the Island Royale Discord

  1. Channels & Categories
    Channels and categories are the backbones of your server. There are a few different ways to set them up but I usually do all of mine in a similar fashion.
Here is a quick snapshot of what the Island Royale server looks like:

As you can see, we have quite a few channels. Each one serves a specific purpose and has specific permissions.

Before we get into those, let’s talk server vs. channel permissions.

Server role permissions are universal permissions for your server. Channel permissions are on a per channel basis and override the server permissions. You will want to make sure that you don’t have a crisscrossing web of permissions. The Island Royale server permissions are as follows:

Our @ everyone role has nothing that is green checked.

We use an unverified role called “Unverified”. Our unverified role has the “send messages” permission green checked.

Our verified role, “Read message history” and “send messages” are green checked. We also have this role being displayed differently from online members (this is optional).

We next have a mix of Known Developer, Friends and, Youtuber roles. These don’t carry any special permissions. At least not until we get into the channel permissions category.

The next big one is our muted role. We will talk about this later but if you use DynoBot it will automatically set up the muted role for you. The muted role can really be anywhere in your role list. However, server permissions make sure nothing is checked.

Next comes our bot permissions. I will talk about these more in depth later.

Our final big ones are Trial Moderator and Moderator. Both of these have the same permissions. Everything is green checked EXCEPT “mention everyone”, “send TTS”, “Manage webhooks, emojis, nicknames”, “change nickname, create instant invite, “manage channels,roles,server”, and the administrator permission”. Both of these are displayed separately from online members. I do have the “allow anyone to @ mention this role” turned off but you can change that if you want people to be able to ping the entire moderator role.

Finally, we have the administrator role (mine :stuck_out_tongue:) which has quite literally every permission. You do not need to do it like this. If you want your ‘admins’ to be able to manage the bot control panels all you need to give them is the “manage server” permission.

Now the fun part about channel permissions!

Channel permissions can be quite interesting and can get really messy really quick.

Category permissions are pretty much the same thing as Channel permissions. Adding category permissions will sync any channels in that category with those permissions unless you specify otherwise.

Let’s start off with our INFO category:

In INFO we have 3 main channels. Welcome-Rules, Announcements, Twitter. Each serves basically the same purpose and each has the same permissions. They are super simple to set up. Literally, the only thing you need for these is the @ everyone role (which should already be there when you create the channel. Now, this isn’t 100% necessary but in these main informative channels I like to red X everything but the “read messages” and “read message history” permissions and… boom! You’re done!

Next over to our “primary” channels. These ones are exactly the same as the “INFO” ones in the Island Royale server.

After that, we move down to Secondary. In secondary we have “General” and “Trusted”. “General” is the main channel where everyone can chat and have a good time. Permissions for this are super simple. For the @ everyone role we have the “Read Messages” permission X’d out and the Verified role permissions have the green check for the “Read Messages”. DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT, green check the “Send Messages” permission. That will bypass the muted role. For the muted role put the red X for the “Send Messages” permission.

“Trusted” is about the same. This one is for friends, known devs, youtubers, etc. For the everyone role you want to leave the “Send Messages” permission neutral and make the “Read Messages” perm the red X. Any of those special roles (friends, youtuber, etc) that you want to add just make sure to green check the “Read Messages” permission. Additionally, if you want you can allow them to have the ability to embed links and attach files.

Our Admin Channel is JUST available to the Admin role.
Our Moderator channel is JUST available to our mod role. (When creating channels you can select if you want them private or not and you can select the roles you want when making it private).
Our “Bot-stuff” role is just for our bots and mods to run commands in secret :stuck_out_tongue:
Everything else in that “Moderation” category is just for mods/admins/bots.

Server-Logs category is for bots and mods. These I will touch on during the “Bots” section.

Game Logs are logs from the game.

Squad/Duo and Squad/Duo Channels is specific to the Island Royale discord and work in conjunction with our custom bot so I won’t touch on that at all.

And finally the verification channels. These are automatically set up by RoVer which I will talk about later.

2 Rules
I use a stock set of rules for all my servers that can be modified according to your wishes. This is the current set of rules I use for Island Royale:

Basic set of rules

Island Royale Discord Official Rules

A. First and foremost, all Roblox rules apply.

B. Not all rules are listed.

1: Swearing and/or attempting to insult or provoke others is prohibited.

2: Do not attempt to test or bypass the filter.

3: Advertising is not allowed.

4: NSFW is strictly prohibited (if you wouldn’t show it to your mother, don’t post it here).

5: Begging for Robux, or attempting to trade Robux for in-game items is forbidden.

6: Alternative accounts are not allowed.

7: English is the only language spoken and written here.

8: Disruptive behavior and controversial topics are not allowed (religion/politics).

9: Use common sense.

10: Harassing a user, lewd jokes, advertising, etc. all apply to DMs. If you feel you are being targeted by someone in the server in DMs please take a screenshot and send it to a moderator.

11: The discord staff has the final say in all moderation actions. Attempting to argue will result in harsher moderation action. In addition, not all rules are mentioned above.

In the rules above we don’t include any voice channel rules since we don’t have any public voice channels.
Below is an image of how I format my “Welcome-Rules” channel. The big lines are just code blocks.

However, if you upgrade to Dyno Premium (or use your own bot) you might want to embed the rules/info. Here is IR’s most recent welcome-rules page.

Embedded Welcome-Rules


3. Bots

YAY my favorite part! Bots! Discord has hundreds upon hundreds of bots. Each serving a different purposes and each is fit to different wants and needs. There are 2, and only 2, discord bots that I always use. DynoBot and RoVer.


DynoBot can be found at dynobot.net
RoVer can be found at eryn.io/RoVer

DynoBot is used as the all-in-one bot basically. It covers moderation commands, auto-moderation, fun commands, etc.
You can also upgrade dynobot to Premium ($5/month for 1 server or $10/month for 3 servers).
At the time of writing this, the dyno staff team is getting ready to push V4 but have not yet. I will update this as appropriate when V4 goes public.

I won’t be going super in depth to dyno setup. If you really need help feel free to head over to the dyno support server.

For dyno, one of the first things you are going to want to do is to check “Make commands mod-only”. This prevents other users from using commands.
Next big thing is to add moderators. The current easiest way to do this is by going on your server and doing “?addmod Moderator”. This will add the role “Moderator” as a mod and give them the ability to use commands.

Next, you want to bind all your logs to their respective channels.
Action log to the #Action-Log channel,
Modlog to the #Mod-Log channel,
and Automod log to the #Automod-log channel. You do these on the dyno control panel.

That’s basically it for your dyno set up. Under automod settings, you can add more banned words and/or blacklist & whitelist links.

Some very useful custom commands to make/use (if you want to make these copy them EXACTLY how they are listed below:

?modmute – Modmute uses the same parameters as the regular mute command + deletes the last 50 messages from the target user ($1).

{!mute $1+} {!purge $1 50}
{dm:$1} You’ve been muted in {server} for $2 because of $3+

?report – report allows members to send in a server report of someone behaving badly. For this, you need a channel called “#Reports

{!announce reports Channel: {channel} || REPORTER: {user} || OFFENDER: $1 || REASON: $2+} {dm} :white_check_mark: Your report regarding $1 has been filed and will be taken care of shortly. Thank you!

RoVer, made by @evaera is a VERY useful Roblox-Discord verification bot. When you first add it to your server do “!help” so it sends you a DM of all the helpful commands. You can also view these on the GitHub page. The easiest thing to set up your verification channels is to run “!createverifychannel”. Don’t forget to bind your verified role too! “!verifiedrole Verified”.

If you need help with RoVer, there is also a support server for it!

4. Moderators

Moderators can be a tricky thing and can be handled a few different ways. The easiest and most efficient way is to hire moderators via an application. This is a sample application that I use. For Island Royale we also conducted voice interviews with applicants we felt were good enough. This past round of mod applications there were just under 600 applications. We conducted 30 interviews, and 15 people made it onto the trial period.

The trial period that I have in place lasts 2 weeks and serves to confirm that all the selected moderators are able to perform their job well.

I also provide my moderators with the this moderator guide.

That is all for now! I hope this helps you. If you want to know anything else please ask me and I’ll add it!


Amazing tutorial. It’s filled with good content! I am sure this will be put to good use. :grinning:


Good tutorial Sean, this guide is working well everywhere!


I appreciate all the time you spent on this guide, but I’m going to be honest I scrolled down waiting to find the one thing I despise of every Roblox Discord: RoVer.

I love Eryn’s work and I even helped test RoVer in its beginning stages, but I just hate it. Why do you care about verifying people’s Roblox accounts? All you’re doing is creating a hassle, and don’t try to convince me it’s not by telling me how such little time it takes or whatever.

Are you doing it just to know people’s Roblox names? Why? The cases where you’d want to know this are extremely slim, and most can be solved just by asking.

Stopping spammers maybe? As someone who is a moderator on a server that’s raided constantly (tweenagers keep raiding it because it’s “cringe!!!”), I have never had trolls that have kept going after I enable the 10 minute wait option (not on all the time, only with raids). Banning and 10 minute wait has not once failed me.

So why use RoVer? You’re just creating a hassle. Forgive me if this seems like a derailing vent post, I want actual answers on what the practical implications of RoVer are. Tell me why you need it, not about how easy it is for people to get signed up.


I agree with most of your points! RoVer is NOT a necessity. Roblox related servers run just fine without any type of Roblox verification.

Some of the main reasons I use RoVer:

  1. Allow members to feel more comfortable sharing/talking with other members because they can easily go an search people on the Roblox website and/or just be able to know that they actually have a Roblox account.

  2. Parents. Having a lot of interactions with young people, young youtubers, and their parents, I know from experience that verification definitely puts some of them at ease.

  3. Block bad/spammy usernames. RoVer changes people’s display name to their Roblox username as a nickname on discord. Lots of people tend to use special characters that can cause the server to be almost spammed. Some people also unfortunately choose to use bad words for their discord usernames. Changing their name to their Roblox username at least puts another layer of protection against this.

  4. RoVer is extremely easy! It should take less than 5 minutes for someone to verify.

This guide is intended to help people get started setting up a discord server. Nothing in here is required, just suggested. This is what I use in almost all my servers. Island Royale, Rumble Studios, Fifteam, Jailbreak (not mine exactly but I helped set it up).

  1. Granted, but this is why you should be making RoVer optional. It has its perks but its perks don’t hold up enough to be a catch-all “you must use this to verify your account”.

  2. This seems anecdotal at best. Discord is targeted at people 13 and older, who likely don’t need strong parental supervision anymore to where this would matter.

  3. Have mods that can control your Discord 24/7 (which you should already). Ban ne’er-do-wells with bad usernames. This is what my constantly raided Discord does and it stops all. If they have a name that is intended to be a spam, they’re likely not going to have a change of heart about trolling because now their name is their Roblox name.

  4. Not an argument for why you should have it.


Read my edited post above at the bottom.


I saw it. I know you’re not implying you need it, I just hate RoVer and hate it in Discord groups, which despite this post making sure people know it’s optional, more people are going to include because of the guide.


I’ll be sure to include a disclaimer somewhere!


Added near the top.


Using RoVer is helpful for tracing back harmful discord users to your game, so if you need to ban them from your game, you can do that without a problem. It helps to make sure that people aren’t impersonating other Roblox users.
It also helps to make sure that there isn’t raiders in your server who don’t use Roblox at all.

(Trust me on this last one, I’ve had this happen.)

So far, it’s been extremely helpful in all these cases to the Administrators and Moderators of the Roblox Odyssey discord server.

It’s as helpful as the name suggests, for verifying Roblox users.


Why would someone with malicious intent that would care about being banned from your game use their real account when verifying for RoVer? My friend has it hooked up to a random alt he has, and I’ve seen many others doing the same.

Raiders in your server who don’t use Roblox at all are an edge case, and yes I’ve had them before. Banning and turning on 10 minute in extreme cases will solve your problems.

I know the purpose to verify Roblox users, I just don’t see any practical reason to.


It’s better to not have raiders in the first place then to get them and then ban them 20 minutes later, which is the most case.
Most users who have been malicious in our server were toxic by nature and their personality, not usually going in our server to solely bring about malicious intent.

While I do see your point, I still do hold mine.

Also, you really shouldn’t be so mad about this, it’s not like it really effects you in anyway negative, and usually it automatically sets you up so you don’t have to waste your time on it.

I’d rather not keep arguing about this, it’s really dumb. (im also going to sleep)


Cool tutorial!

It’s weird seeing how many people can’t figure out how to manage a discord server, so this’ll be a help :slight_smile:

Although apparently this category is supposed to be for things directly relating to Roblox development?

(This is from having my punctuation tutorial (apos’trophe’s misu’sed in game’s lol’s, etc.) moved because it wasn’t directly to do with development)


Appreciate the appreciation. And yeah I understand that this section should be mainly for Roblox development but what is more important as a Roblox developer than public relations? Having a functioning + well run discord server is very good for community engagement and ALMOST a necessity in this day and age.


True but Discord is also officially dead to Roblox so… yeah

I could also argue the same rough idea with my tutorial - it’s helping developers have text in/around their games be more professional and make sense.


I would strongly disagree. DevForum discord, QA Discord, Featued Games Discord, Roblox (yes unofficial) discord, the list goes on. Discord is FAR from dead to Roblox. In addition, some of the largest discord servers EVER are Roblox related ones. I believe @berezaa’s has somewhere around 70,000 and we just passed 52,000 members in the Jailbreak discord. I think all told, RoVer has somewhere around 300,000 accounts verified.

I eventually want to put together a whole PR/Community Engagement tutorial/package thing. It’s a super important part of being a game developer that not many people make efficient use of.


Yes, however like I said openly using Discord on the platform is not allowed. Stats like that mean nothing in the face of moderation issues to do with children.

(Also I do believe the Tutorials category is open to everyone, so you’d want to be careful with what you put in it when it comes to potentially harmful services like Discord)

And my second argument still stands. Being able to write in your game is important too.

Either way I guess we need clarification


Yeah true. It kinda sucks that I won’t be able to link this tutorial anywhere on the Roblox platform. However, I am glad the devforum exists to allow me to be able to teach the mysterious ways of effective server management to people :joy:.


Great guide Sean! Will start implementing some changes as a result of reading this!

One quick question:

Is it sensible/realistic to Age verify moderators? Is it “Roblox” legal to do so?

i.e. ask for a photo of Drivers Licence or other valid form of ID?

What would be a realistic age cutoff? 16? 18?

The issue we have is that as a business we may face criticism for putting young people in the “firing line” of hate and inappropriate content. What’s are peoples thoughts on the matter? I’m not sure if a solid answer exists at the moment.

All the best - Steve