Discord servers in experiences?

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Ive noticed an increasing usage of discord server promotion in games (IN the actual experience, not just in the social links) such as the one listed: TRENCHES - Roblox

My actual question is… is this permitted? i’m interested in doing similar but double checking, as i see more and more games with millions of visits doing the same!

I’ve looked into it and they’re all posts from like 2018 saying NO ABSOLUTELY NOT, but…

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No, Discord is not allowed in games. Can only be linked using Roblox’s web game linkage system thing


It is impossible to use use http service to send a discord message or get discord messages as discord ban roblox server from getting info from discord as you need to be >13 to be on discord . Roblox server can by pass it . Thus, discord must ban it . You can access discord through roblox studio but not the roblox app itself


You can using a proxy.

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roblox moderation gonna nuke this game just wait a little bit

oh wait… that game is 3 years old and its advertasing discord in experience? still not taken down? weird :thinking:

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Well, Discord requires its users to be 13+, so putting Discord servers in games for All ages and 9+ would be risky, but then again there are a lot of kids lying about their age.
I remember vaguely that there is rule that linking to external websites is not allowed so its almost definitely not allowed.

I would not really recommend putting Discord servers into your games.

I would suggest checking if the player have voice chat enabled in the game before to allow them to use discord in roblox .

player can press a verify age button in game . The button will check if they have voice chat enabled and if they have, you can record it in datastore .

people that verified their age get a tagless chat in discord while people without verifying will get tags if they send or receive inappropriate content

Isn’t recording voice audie kinda fishy and risky?

You could be recording literal children without knowing, and that is as far as I know messed up. Its invasive. Even though there would be a button that you would have to press to verify age, anybody would be able to press that.

Also, what if somebody recorded something inappropriate? It could be something horribly vulgar and disgusting.

Its a good idea but just a bit too risky and invasive.

you do not have to record their voice . I do not even think it is possible . All the player have to do is to verify their age in roblox website, then join the game to press the verify button without needing to turn on their mic

sorry for the word ‘record’ which cause misunderstanding . I was referring to record their userID in a data store called “Verified” or something so that they can disable voice chat in roblox setting and it does not need them to turn it on just to play the game

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