Discord to Roblox Communication?

Hey! I want to know if there’s a way to communicate from discord to ROBLOX (eg. someone typing a regular command like !ban in a discord chat-box which then fires a script to, well, ban someone) I heard that you need a bot to do it so I’ve already coded one in python. Thanks in advance.

There is a way to do that, through Webhooks.
API reference:

It’s not reliable. Roblox prohibited that.

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Roblox has prohibited the use of Discord webhooks, so I don’t think that would work anymore.

Oh, I didn’t know that. Well then I guess it’s not a reliable solution.

You should create a bot for that (which you already did), since webhooks is not meant to be used as a logging service.
You can look into this post: Discord -> Roblox Communication

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Use httpservice, then use a proxy to send the request to discord ( as discord blocked Roblox requests) and yeah.cthats pretty it.
webhooks, send a request to a proxy (bc you can’t get requests in Roblox website by game scripts) and make the game script listen for any requests in the proxy.

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This isn’t an excuse, proxies exists.