Discord to Roblox Messaging!

I have recently made a feature which will enable you to send messages from Discord to Roblox.
If you want to do the other way, please use webhooks.

Basically how this works is by:
-A Discord bot.
-Google Spreadsheets.
-(Obviously a script.)
I did this with the help of a few recourses:
Discord-To-Roblox Ban bot (This is where I got most of this “tutorial” from.)
Using Google Spreadsheets as a Database

This took me 7-8 hours to actually figure out. :joy:
If you still need help to make this, I will gladly do so.

First things first:
You need to make a Discord bot.

If you do not know how to, use this video: (1:40 to 3:40).

After that, put you will need to get your bot to send messages to a spreadsheet.
I recommend the use of glitch.com as it is free.

Code for the bot:

In server.js edit this to be your bots token.

Now, you need to make a Google Spreadsheet. Name it “Global2”
You then need to put “key” and “value” on the spreadsheet:
(Make sure it is on Line 1)

You then need to do what this GIF does:

Only freeze row 1, nothing else!

You then need to make a script, do what this GIF does:

When you click on it, it should have opened a new page.

Change the script name to Database Macro.
Paste this script into the Marco.

After that, while on Database Marco, press File>Save All

Press Run, this will run the script.

Press Publish, and then press deploy as web app:

Make sure you have these settings!

Publish the script, and copy the ScriptID in between https://script.google.com/macros/s/ and /exec , all you will need is this scriptID.

Next you can open this place file:
Test place backup.rbxl (214.5 KB)

Now in “Server Functions” there will be a Script, in it there is a Module script, open it. Between the quotation marks, paste the ScriptID in there.

Last step: Lets go back to the Glitch Discord bot, paste your script ID in the following;

And that’s it.
You should be able to send messages from Discord to Roblox now!
And of course you still need to do stuff on your own, this is only for you to improve from.

This does not have Message Filtering.
So I recommend that only you have access to it until you get filtering for it.

To contact me I highly suggest you join my Discord Server: https://discord.gg/eGWzDBS (13+)
Or my DM’s: NuIlVoid#3688.

Kind regards,


I was looking for something like this today I might need help idk yet am try it myself and if I can’t get it I will dm you.

I redid it, you can see how I did it now. :grin:

The video is for discord.py not discord.js

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Now this seems like something I would use in the future, great job on a tutorial. :slight_smile:

Quick question, why are you using Google Spreadsheets for this? Wouldn’t it make more logical sense to send a HTTP request directly to the Glitch project so that you do not have to rely on a third source for data? Nevermind, I clearly need to read more carefully as I thought this was for Roblox to Discord messaging through an actual bot opposed to webhooks

Additionally, you should be taking advantage of Glitch’s environment variables feature which allow you to securely store sensitive constants (like a Discord bot token or app key)

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Glitch doesn’t really work for Discord bots anymore as they’ve removed the ability to have projects run 24/7 without paying for a membership of some sort. You pretty much need to host it locally or invest in a VPS of some sort, I don’t know of any other good free options.


Omg, yes.

Thanks for this resource, i think i might implement my custom ban system from Discord, i have many ideas for this, maybe a reply system for feedback/reports. I’m really happy with this resource, thanks for reading. :slight_smile:


True bot not true. Glitch removed the option to run discord bots 24/7 with a pinging service but that is temp

It is not temporary anymore, pinging services are blocked permanently

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They are? I used uptimerobot and it worked.

You used a .py video but use js? you should change the video to this:https://youtu.be/8o25pRbXdFw

Yes, pinging services such as UptimeRobot are now against Glitch’s TOS.

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It’s forever now.
They changed it.

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This sounds extremely sketchy, are we sure this is all okay with Roblox? Because I feel like being able to create a loophole to the filter is a big no no.

I suggest trying out repl as an alt for Glitch


I forgot what this function is called, but I think there’s a function that can sensor text.

This should really have more clout then it already has as this is a REALLY helpful feature, thanks for this.

He states in the original post that to do this you should implement Text Filtering. Technically yes you have to filter the text. Roblox is ok with it you just have to filter that text

There is a post already discussing this and why it isn’t ideal. Yes it its a bit old, but it is still very relevant and the replies do bring up very good points. (Basically someone could just say “contact me here…” or “I live in…” which is a violation of so many rules.)


That’s a great point.
Although I tried to filter text with this, I was unable to, and I put this up so people could work with it and improve it.
I spent 2-3 hours attempting to Filter messages.