Discord To Roblox Messaging

I’ve been wondering about something for a few days now. I know that you can send roblox messages to discord, but can you send discord messages to roblox? I currently have some chat logs set up and I want to make it so you can talk to the player without entering the game(through discord). I looked up some tutorials on youtube but couldn’t find even one. So the question is, Is it possible to send messages from discord to roblox chat?

Yes, this is possible. You can create a discord bot for a server that reads the messages and posts them to an API, which then you could retrieve the data from the said API on Roblox.

Jusy FYI, do not use discord for chat logs or any kind of logging. This is against Discord TOS and will result in punishment ranging from blacklisting the source IP to account deletion.

If you’re looking for a method to properly communicate from Discord to roblox you could take a look at my Discord to roblox ban system and modify it to work how you want it to, as I’ve designed it to be lightweight and easy to modify :slight_smile:

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Is there any programs I can use to connect discord to roblox? I have completely no idea how to program a bot.

Oh, I didn’t know. Is there any other kind of app I can use for chatlogs?