Discord-Trello-Roblox Ban bot

Yeah, I’ve heard a lot about that. I’ll try to look for alternative hosting sites. Thanks!

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Like if I were to run the command while the player I was banning was playing the game, would they be banned or until they leave and decide to join back?

Also, it is against glitchs terms of service to have it running 24/7 using uptime robot, (They recently been cracking down on this.), they will disable all ur projects for using it, (and ban ur acc). Since the bot is simple and easy to make, It would be ideal to local hodt it, it wouldnt really be worth putting on a VPS,

@MySQL_Syntax, it bans them when they rejoin , from what i can see. This is no different than theother open sourced one.

Also, It isnt ideal to use trello as a database, Id recommend using something like enmap or Mysql, This way the trello api keys dont randomly reset or get ratelimited for useless requests.


They would be banned while in game. If not, they will be banned when they leave/rejoin.

Oof, I didn’t notice that. Thank you for telling me.

Yes I am sure. I wouldn’t have posted it in the first place if it was an error on my part.

What other hosting services do you recommend?

Only other option is Localhost (Host it on your own PC), Or invest in a VPS, Such as DigitalOcean, etc.


Any paid service or Raspberry Pi if you want to host it from home.

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Hi, how do you get the Trello List ID?

Please read Step Three on the Setting up trello page.

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If you’re having this issue on Trello, all API requests to Trello must have a key and token, or they will fail

Just add ?key=KEY&token=TOKEN to the end of every link and replace it with the correct information


I have ended support for this bot, sorry for the inconvenience. I will only give important updates, like for example, an important API update but that’s it. Again, sorry for this.

Honestly, you really shouldn’t use Glitch to host the bot nor use Trello as a database. Glitch is a very poor site to use for hosting a discord bot since it does not keep the program alive 24/7. On top of that Trello is NOT a database and not meant to be used as one. Its purpose is to keep track of things like a to-do list. Just to get it out of the way Google Sheets as well is NOT meant to be used as a database. Please use an actual database. Personally I would use Heroku for hosting although it’s temporarily free it will end up costing money. For databases, I would use MongoDB for just Discord > Database, you can’t access MongoDB from Roblox because it no longer supports Rest API. For Roblox, you should honestly use Firebase which is a Google service. Please be sure to choose the free plan otherwise you can rack up a giant bill. Firebase is probably the best free database you can use with Roblox since they support a Rest API and its free. Although its free they do limit rates, such as storage, downloads, etc.

Heroku Link | MongoDB Link | Firebase Link


I have made an updated version 1 weak ago and it works perfectly, I will be making a new topic soon on how to setup the discord-trello-roblox ban bot and how to host it 24Hr


Okay, when you publish it can you send me the link?

Of course! Once I finish writing it I will.


That is what Basic Admin Essentials by @TheFurryFish does, it works fine and it isn’t a really issue. People use Trello as it is an easy way to edit & manage banned users. Glitch doesn’t allow users to host for free either, pinging their services is no longer allowed as explained by BillyH and you must buy a plan.

The next free solution hosting is repl.it, however, this site does not give you an option to make your code private, it is shown publically and you need to use env files to store keys, such as your bot token. You can find a post about using env files here.

EDIT: to host on repl.it, you have to also ping your project like glitch did, you can do this by using a service called uptimerobot - completely free



Lol I forgot to change the link to where that is.

This project was updated by @GeneralLPrince using Firebase as the Database, hosting with repl.it and pinging it with UptimeRobot: Discord-FireBase-Roblox Ban Bot