Discord-Trello-Roblox Ban bot

Hello! My name is Dude, and I bring you a Discord-Trello-Roblox ban bot that is open source and free to use!

The current commands are: tban and help.

The tban command is used to create a Trello Ban card. The format required is: tban [player:userID] [Reason].

The help command is pretty much self-explainitary.

How to get this:
You can use this by clicking me and it will redirect you to the GitHub. From there you can follow the instructions shown.

If you need support, feel free to respond here, or use the support server shown in the last page in the wiki.

I will be making updates to the source code and the wiki to fix bugs and to comply to Terms of Services of hosting services.

Will try to rewrite the instructions and maybe make a video tutorial. But, I’m quite busy with personal things so could take a while.


Hey I noticed that you’re using Glitch to host the bot. I don’t recommend it at all. Glitch isn’t really the most secure site you can host your bot on as it can be easily hijacked/messed with with only knowing the project’s name no matter the privacy.


How can someone do that? How does it work?

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I explained it later on in the sentence.

There is an option to disable access to people who are not team members.
I created a default project with this setting enabled, unless there is an exploit that allows people to access it, nobody should be able to view the project.

Above is the project with access disabled.

As long as you keep your token safe, glitch is a completely safe and free way to do this, as they also offer a way to store api keys that other people CANNOT access even with the setting disabled.


When banning does it ban them while they are playing or until they rejoin?

I used to use Glitch and all of my private projects got leaked cus someone managed to get names for them (I also had the privacy set to private).


Are you sure its due to glitch and not a error on your / a member of your teams part?
The most recent security leak to my knowledge was back in 2017, so either its a new leak, or an error on your part.

You should also refrain from making minor remarks or insults, there really isn’t a reason to other than to start an unneeded argument. Its just not that professional.


I don’t understand what you mean by that. Can you elaborate?

Yeah, I’ve heard a lot about that. I’ll try to look for alternative hosting sites. Thanks!

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Like if I were to run the command while the player I was banning was playing the game, would they be banned or until they leave and decide to join back?

Also, it is against glitchs terms of service to have it running 24/7 using uptime robot, (They recently been cracking down on this.), they will disable all ur projects for using it, (and ban ur acc). Since the bot is simple and easy to make, It would be ideal to local hodt it, it wouldnt really be worth putting on a VPS,

@MySQL_Syntax, it bans them when they rejoin , from what i can see. This is no different than theother open sourced one.

Also, It isnt ideal to use trello as a database, Id recommend using something like enmap or Mysql, This way the trello api keys dont randomly reset or get ratelimited for useless requests.


They would be banned while in game. If not, they will be banned when they leave/rejoin.

Oof, I didn’t notice that. Thank you for telling me.

Yes I am sure. I wouldn’t have posted it in the first place if it was an error on my part.

What other hosting services do you recommend?

Only other option is Localhost (Host it on your own PC), Or invest in a VPS, Such as DigitalOcean, etc.


Any paid service or Raspberry Pi if you want to host it from home.

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Hi, how do you get the Trello List ID?

Please read Step Three on the Setting up trello page.

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