Discord Webhook - Changing Text GUIs Remotely

Hello Developer Community!
While thinking of designs and marketing strategies for my games and groups, I’ve come across a small design detail I think would be great if possible.
In this post, I will explain what I would like to complete, asking if it is possible, and if so, how I could create it.

My Experience

Personally, I have very limited experience in Discord webhooks and working with them in Roblox. If this project is at all possible, I will need a more in-depth response if possible.
Thank you!

The Goal

I’ve been researching making TVs with GUIs on them that rotate between GUIs.
In this project, I would like to make a text GUI on the TV that can be remotely changed by a Discord bot/webhook.
It would work like this:

  1. I go into a bot-command channel of my Discord server, and I type in something like !MessageTV Have questions about the game? Join our group and talk with the developers.

  2. This message would be sent into the game and the message on the TV would change the next time it transitions to that GUI.

Is This Possible?

I hope that there is a good way to do this easily. If not, I can always have pre-made messages and I can control which shows up on the TV with buttons.

Thank you, any response is appreciated!

I’ve done a bit with webhooks and from what I’ve learnt webhooks can’t detect discord inputs because webhooks were made for one way communication

Next would be that with bot commands if theres any spam the script will queue the https request and sometiems if theres too many it will error and crash the script

Then there would be a language barrier. Js is by far the best to code a discord bot in because of its wide libary and from experience JS is a lot more harder because of its harsh-ish syntax for beginners.

Also you would need your own domain or https port for communication between your discord bot and roblox

This is what I can think of from the top of my head. Although it may be easier than I think it definetly won’t be an easy task


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