Discord webhook - roblox issue

Hello guys,

I’m having trouble,

local data = {
			["content"] = "<@&693244970290905179>";
			["username"] = "Bakery Assistance";}
	local newdata = HttpService:JSONEncode(data)
	HttpService:PostAsync(Webhook, newdata)

When I go in-game and test it. It don’t works and instead it sends me a HTTP 400 (bad request) error.
I’ve seen other forums and they use the same method.
Https is enabled in my place and everything. So I really dont know what else to do.

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This error happens to much people, you can’t do nothing about this while Enginers doesn’t at least try to reapair this for 5/6 days. This is a bug raport: HttpService and character API failing - #4 by mistrustfully