Discord Webhook

It for myself and it’s on a server with me and only me. All the server is for is messages from Roblox using HTTPS to detect if my auto rank bot successfully ranked a player or not.

why does this matter? people use webhooks for discord all the time

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Why not just have it display the username?

because usernames change? why else would user id’s exist?

Because i want to receive a notification just displaying the username is useless.

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ROBLOX Username + ROBLOX ID is more efficient than Discord ID.

You want it to ping yourself? You said in your post you want it to ping varying players. So what is it?

Seems like this got flagged, but I don’t think it should be here anyways. This is more appropriate for #help-and-feedback:scripting-support as:
“Something simple like a quick poll or question won’t do! Thoughtful discussion will improve the experience of everyone involved.” (Development Discussion Category Description)

This is more of a question about how one would go about implementing a web hook, not a discussion.

I’m only pinging my self. I’ve repeated this a few times.

dude, it doesnt matter. the point is that he wanted to ping someone, anyone, and now he knows how.

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Its appropriate its just the wrong topic.

Well you need to be more clear in your post, your first post clearly says “any way I can @ people using a discord webhook”. People means multiple, varying users versus “any way I can ping myself using a discord webhook” which would mean you only want it to ping you.