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Question on discord webhooks & https service

Is there any way I can @ people using a discord webhook from roblox?
for example

[‘description’] = "This is the description "… @‘the person you want to @’

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In the script, you could probably put in @[Discord User’s name]#[Discord User’s tag].
Ex: “This is some cool text @ RobloxGuyPlayer234112#352”

(No space between the @ and the name, only put that there to not mention someone)

Just doing @username#discriminator doens’t ping them, you need their user ID.


But when I pass in my user ID it pings me.




That was gonna be my second answer if it did not work. Good response.

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Can I have an example script of how you did this?

its probably better to use user id’s.
for that its like this if i remember correctly
<@epic user id>

You probably aren’t allowed to enter Discord usernames on ROBLOX games, especially ID’s.

Where do I put this in my script? example please?

why wouldnt you be able to? that makes no sense

it depends where you want it to go, but it should work in the same way you had it before

ROBLOX ToS and Community Rules prohibits mentioning Discord outside of official link areas on game / group pages.

Just any type of example. It could be anywhere I just need to use it.

how are they (roblox) supposed to know its a discord user id? to them (roblox) its just a bunch of numbers.

Its not a link. Its for my auto rank bot to detect any issues and i want to receive a @ message to me.

Makes more sense, that probably will be okay but I don’t see how something like this is possible if the user doesn’t manually enter their Discord ID somewhere which is a possible violation of ToS.

[‘description’] = “<@1234567890> is cool” i guess?

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He’ll probably need to ask the user for their Discord ID so to ask them for that he would have to mention Discord.

I didn’t do it through a script. I just pulled up reqbin.com and entered my webhook and sent a POST request to it. But the concepts would still be the same through HttpService. If this is only to mention you then you could just hardcode your ID into the mention, otherwise you’ll probably need some way of linking Discord accounts to Roblox ones.

i dont see what you’re talking about. he just said it pings him, no one else.

What I’m saying is there’s no way for the script to know the user’s Discord ID without it being entered somewhere.