Discord webhooks and a proxy

How would I go around making a proxy for discord webhooks because discord has blocked roblox and I was wondering on how I can bypass it

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Clearly Discord has not relayed their message well enough. They blocked Roblox for a reason. Bypasisng it with a proxy is just blatant abuse of their API if you’re going to continue using it the same way that caused Roblox to get banned in the first place.

Use a webserver with an actual bot or a different service for logging.


You can use this proxy: webhook.lewistehminerz.dev. In the webhook URL, replace discord.com with webhook.lewistehminerz.dev

And then you say it will work or am I going into some sort of trap

“think of the poor discord and their little tiny api being aboooooozeeeeddddd!!!”
if someone wants webhooks let them have webhooks

no it’s from here WebhookProxy | Discord webhooks go brrrrrrr

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considering you have the “web developer” title you should know by now that it was shut down for a reason because of the ridiculous amount of invalid requests being sent to their api by inexperienced developers

i was implying that webhooks suck and bots are better for “logging” needs should you require them

No it isnt a trap, it works really well.