WebhookProxy | Discord webhooks go brrrrrrr

NOTICE: I have begun to issue Cloudflare bans for games that are consistent abusers of the service. If you are caught by this, please message me on the DevForum. Please do not message me unless you have actually checked what the ban reason is from the service.

(you can check ban reasons by looking at the response body)

WebhookProxy is an easy-to-implement proxy for Discord webhooks. That’s pretty much all there is to say.

This service simply lets you send messages down webhooks like usual, except that it enforces ratelimits and various other things itself to prevent abuse.

If you want to use my instance of the proxy, just replace discord.com with webhook.lewisakura.moe. This only supports sending, editing, and deleting messages, not reading webhook data.

I strongly recommend using a library that handles webhook data checking for you, such as Voyager by @JodeneWasTaken, as it will reduce the likelihood that you will get caught out by the anti-abuse system and you will catch issues with your webhooks earlier.

Don’t trust me? Run it yourself, or use any of the other projects available on the devforum.

https://webhook.lewisakura.moe/ | GitHub - lewisakura/webhook-proxy: A Discord webhook proxy, primarily for Roblox games.


Could this get us in trouble due to it basically bypassing the rules against using webhooks on game servers?


Discord staff* said before the last time this happened that it was okay to make proxies, as long as you respected the ratelimits. I enforce the ratelimits on mine so it should be fine.


Why not just use… guilded?
It has the same API’s, Same server side parsing/understanding, all you have to do is change the URL.

  • Guilded is owned by roblox
  • Guilded is actually pretty good for organization
  • You could log data, easily capturing information
  • All you have to do is change an urll…

Because… the majority of us use Discord? We aren’t going to completely switch communication platforms because of this, that would be silly.


No one barely use guilded that is why. Most people want to have a Discord server and the info being sent by a webhook to DIscord


You don’t need to. Use guilded for game development and Discord for communication.
Thats two channels that help to seperate work life from social life.

and guilded can offer you ALOT more.


If you expose your webhooks to your server and want people to see everything, then alright I can see logically why this is an issue, but if not then…?


Sure, Guilded offers more, but more isn’t always better.

Can I also just say that the documentation for Guilded isn’t even officially made by them yet? It’s a third-party reverse engineering project.

Anyways, this is just derailing the post. Let people use Guilded if they want to, but don’t try and encourage a switch over such a minor thing.


I’m encouraging people to look at a different platform for planning and organization, alot like people use trello, stack for, it might help ya out :smiley:


Thanks, this looks interesting. I’ll take a look at it.


And yet you provide 0 sources showing they ever said that, either way i’m not gonna trust a already-hosted proxy, you could always modify the version on the server to be malicious.

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“But that’s from 2018!” - as much as it’s from 2018, I am not able to find another tweet from staff that says this is false, but please correct me.


I have no motive to be evil, but if you don’t trust me then don’t use it.


how is this proxy ran? I assume it has to be hosted off something?

I run it on my VPS (via pm2) in front of an nginx web server with access logs disabled.

Oh so you’re paying for this yourself?


Edit; that was a issue with script

Thanks! I don’t imagine this will be the case (considering you have to pay for it), but when Discord unblocks Roblox again, hopefully this will stay up unlike Osyris’s proxy did?

I will say currently, using discordapp.com/api instead of discord.com/api for your webhook link works. This might stop being the case eventually, though.


I’m going to be honest, your proxy is most likely going to get blocked. This was blocked for a reason, just use Guilded.

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