Discord webhooks don’t work ingame

Reproduction Steps
Have a discord webhook post set up to a server and join your game in attempt for it to post properly and appear on discord

Expected Behavior
Getting the post on a discord channel

Actual Behavior

It works when playing in studio

Issue Area: Engine
Issue Type: Other
Impact: Moderate
Frequency: Constantly
Date First Experienced: 2021-10-01 14:10:00 (-04:00)
Date Last Experienced: 2021-10-01 00:10:00 (-04:00)


Do you have HTTPS requests enabled in that place?


Got this earlier today, it seems Cloudflare is blocking requests from Roblox servers until later today. Use a proxy or just wait until the ban expires (if it even does)

See for yourself by running the following in a live server:


Our team uses a lot of webhooks across many games, some being important for players such as “activity loggers” that record for how long someone has been in-game if they’re in a certain group.

All our webhooks, including all our games, have ceased to function since around 5:36 PM UTC. These are webhooks that previously worked, and then just stopped functioning since that time.

We have HttpsEnabled on in all of those games, and in Studio the webhook request works, just not in live servers.


Seconding this. We also use webhooks in our game for moderation purposes and heavily, heavily depend on them.
They functioned yesterday (Sep 31, 2021) but do not function today (Oct 1, 2021).

In Studio, our webhooks work. In-game, they do not.

This disruption is moderate, but a lot of games rely on webhooks and the effect will be large if every webhook script in Roblox is down.


I only use 1 webhook for my game and it’s an activity logger, I also tried to reproduce this and surprise, it didn’t log my game activity…

I did try to look for the same exact error that was in the output, but it was nowhere to be seen!

(HTTP Requests are enabled and this was reproduced in-game.)


You can thank people for spamming webhooks with no rate limit respects

Discord has blocked Roblox before, and they most likely have an active ban again


This is also the idea I’ve come to. Discord banning Roblox requests yet again.


This is why I would never post data to Discord, or well nothing critical. But I would rather post to some sort of analytics service / third-party service, that is designed to ingest such data.


If you’re just posting things, and you want to achieve something similar, maybe consider using Trello instead?

Discord TOS prohibits using their services to log information.

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Trello is not a databse. This is a terrible suggestion. Just wait until we get external access to DataStore APIs which I’d imagine is coming some time down the line with the new Open Cloud APIs


I do partly agree with this statement, whenever I did it, it has come up with the same error. I have used an external database to keep all of my data, and then having a discord bot pick it up and then go from there.

I wish there was an API for roblox database requests, so we don’t have to use external databases for roblox stuff, but I mean, it’s working for me.

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Discord isn’t a database either. I don’t wanna go off topic, but why is using Trello a terrible suggestion?
Trello does everything a discord webhook would do, but (last I checked) without breaking any TOS.

Are you saying Trello randomly drops requests? (personally haven’t seen this happen)

The main use-case I have in mind is error-logging. I suppose Discord would be more optimal if you wanted real-time announcements (but I’m pretty sure that’d be against Discord TOS.) If you were to set up your own server for this, wouldn’t you just be making an elaborate proxy?

If you’re going to go so far as to set up your own server, why not make your own REST api?

Kinda confused by this response on multiple levels.


I think what metatablecat was implying was to make a custom front end, but you can kinda already do that…


Dear lord this thread is a mess.

Is there any tutorial at all for using other places to save things? Considering my logger is now dead and I don’t know a lick of scripting nor understand much technical talk.


Never understood why people keep using discord to log anything related to Roblox. It has been stated numerous times that discord isn’t allowed to be used for game analytics, error reporting, logging, ect. The best thing for anyone to do if you must have these functions is have a web developer set up some sort of external database and webserver for you to view these things, possibly using node.js or something similar. It would even be possible to self host this at home if you have a stable enough internet connection and the hardware to do so.


For many reasons, including those stated/implied by Trello themselves, lol. Both of those hyperlinked phrases lead to posts I’ve made in the past against using Trello as a database which in turn have some reading material linked in them. Trello also isn’t fond of Roblox developers’ use of Trello.

Trello’s not a database nor is it designed to function like one so using it like one is bad. Basic kanbanning =/= good database alternative. Never has been. If you want error logging, check out Sentry. If you want a database, look at dedicated database services like Cloud Firestore or DynamoDB, both of which are fairly cheap to maintain outside of free plans for large experiences.


Appears like DISCORD has blocked all responses, my system used to post webhooks now it does not.

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You need to know how https works Here small example

Your Request Is


1 - Rate Limit (Roblox Servers Are shared-hosted So same requests Will go to discord with same IP So Discord blocked this IP (Due to a lot of Requests on Same ip / Server) )

2 - Discord API Has problems (Discord API Has a lot of downtimes Like 60-70% Uptime score It’s one of most bad APIs used)

Thanks for reading 3>

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All webhooks work for me at the momenz.

Actually Cloudflare’s DNS is blocking it not Discord themselves, albeit it is on behalf of Discord.

Its also a lot more complex than this but yea thats the gist of it.