Discord webhooks don’t work ingame

This is definitely just a case of Discord forgetting to put the firewall filter onto this domain, this is likely to not work for very much longer.

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This could potentially be a cloud-flare or similar service fail-safe tripped by a developer that subsides after a while.

I believe they have simply added the Roblox User-Agent to their Cloudflare firewall and forgotten to add the same policy for their https://discordapp.com domain.


If yall seriously believe that discordapp.com still works, you’re dead wrong

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I would recommend switching webhooks over to Guilded, but keeping everything else in Discord. Just be sure to provide a link to those who are allowed to see it and it will be fine. It’s actually not very hard and since guilded is just a knockoff discord it is perfectly easy to learn how everything works.

Yes, it stopped working 2 days ago (note: after @samuelox 's last post about it).

Back to proxies we go!
I’ll suggest Lewis’s proxy, which respects Discord ratelimiting and has been working like a charm for us.

Guilded has rate limits too, instead, learn how to properly rate limit, and for now, if you wanna use Discord, either use a public proxy that respects rate limits, or make your own, once again respecting rate limits


I’m still wondering what the ratelimits are, if its something like 10 requests per second then I should be fine.

Webhooks will have a global ratelimit. 10 per second? What are you doing? That will get ratelimited
Create multiple webhooks and cycle between them.

Also this is not an engine bug, and is not even Roblox’s fault. Discord has imposed this restriction.


it does not work i got the same issue as before


I solved the problem. Thank you for your help.

I can confirm this. My team uses weebhooks for feedback and for chatlogs and recently it has not been working

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i have this same problem too. i use a webhook for my game’s suggestion feature that it has. for some reason, when i press the submit button on my game’s suggestion feature in studio, it works perfectly fine, but when i do it in-game, it just does the opposite. this is the error i got in-game: 2021-10-23 (22)

Does anyone know why this post is still up?

It’s clearly not an engine bug considering it’s very clearly a HTTP error specifically sent from Discord’s end, which is completely unrelated to Roblox and the game engine. If anything, this issue should have been reported to Discord instead considering Roblox has zero control over this. (Surely people can read what 403 forbidden means, right?)

This thread has also devolved to be completely offtopic from the original post, and has turned entirely into people deliberately trying to evade the block and break Discord ToS (an enormous no-no which I’m astounded the DET hasn’t hopped onto)

Causing drama over something that people caused themselves by using Discord as a logging service when they specifically stated not to do that is pointless, this thread has overstayed its welcome by almost an entire month.


Scroll. Up.

Read the replies. Discord blocked Roblox’s UserAgent.

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For what it’s worth, this has been said to be okay by Discord staff as long as you comply to ratelimits and whatever.

But yes, this isn’t an engine bug at all.

Doesn’t really matter what individual staff says, their opinion is meaningless – you should go by the TOS if you don’t want any nasty surprises. The TOS defines the contract between the company and you as a customer.

Just because some employee decided to make a one-off statement somewhere does not make it part of the TOS, they could be misinterpreting the TOS or are just ill-informed in general. This is a cop-out excuse for people who do not want to switch over to a proper platform for their use case despite all signals. These staff members won’t save you when you come crying to them when any accounts have been banned for breaking the TOS.


Do you have a source for this? If this is true, I must know.

Read the TOS to know what is allowed and what is not. Jake Doe’s opinion is irrelevant.