Discover outfits in Marketplace [Test]

[Update] December 7, 2023

Hi Creators,

We want to make it easy for people to discover what they love in Marketplace by making it easier to shop and complete an outfit. This is why starting today, we will be testing the ability for people to discover outfits (a set of clothing and/or accessories) through search and recommendations.

Upon entering a search query in Marketplace, people will start to see outfits, in addition to individual items on the search results page. Once a person clicks on the outfit, they will be taken to the page where they can see the entire list of items. A person can remove any item and purchase parts, or the entire outfit with just a few clicks.

Outfits in Marketplace search

Reminder: Tests are an opportunity to learn quickly and iterate our product and features to improve Roblox for our community. Like most tests, a limited number of people will be selected at random and will be able to access the features we are testing. In addition, not all tests may launch but if they do, we will share updates with you.

We are excited to test these new features in Marketplace to help people discover new items, and provide creators with more opportunities to earn.

Please let us know if you have any questions or feedback in the comments.

Thank you!


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How would this work? Will people’s outfits just appear on the marketplace, if so, is there an option to set outfits as private?


I am not seeing anywhere that states how these outfits are made / created.
If we could get more clarity on how these outfits are created / pushed, that would be greatly appreciated! (who’s items get made into outfits, what items get shown, and who makes the outfits)

Otherwise, I feel like this is a great idea on discovery of items!

If they are user generated outfits, could this potentially be something that pays the outfit creators as well?
This could be a good route for UGC creators to take to get back (at least a portion) of the 40% we lose from items we sell on the catalog.


how are these outfited curated?

there seems to be no mention of user curation yet, as a creator I’d love to curate some of my own outfits!


Are UGC creators able to upload and manage looks as a way to promote UGC sales? The potential for this is immense!


This is a cool feature but unfortunately to me it mostly serves as a screaming reminder of how poor Roblox’s search indexing is. This feature seems like it’ll suffer the same fate as all other UGC at the moment; doomed to obscurity and unable to be found even when searching exact terms.


this is interesting. will these outfits be pre-made automatically based on what people wear? can ugc creators make them? can everybody make them? will we be able to just allow our personal outfits to show on marketplace? will we be able to make out outfits private? if so, maybe this can also fix the issue with people being able to see our outfits in-games which is sometimes privacy breaking, we shouldnt be able to see others’ outfits without their consent honestly :thinking: :thinking: :thinking: :thinking:


Hey Roblox, this is probably one of the most vague posts I have ever read.

How are these outfits curated?


I have the same questions as others here, but something else I want to know is can we toggle that off if we didn’t want to see outfit suggestions.

Also are these curated to what the user likes or commonly looks at or just random.


Where do outfits come from? Sounds interesting if they’re sourced from other users / commonly worn together data


Roblox bro out of all of the items that could be shown… lol


How does this work exactly? Is it randomized?


Doesn’t seem to work:

Does not everybody have access?

Is this only for mobile? It seems that all new features are presented only on mobile…?


+1 to this. I have 30+ dragon outfits, it’d be cool if I could publish them!


What does this button say? The gif didn’t render it properly.


What I see is an opportunity, and also a very bad idea.
Sure this could be a good idea, people sharing their outfits with others, and people buying them.

Problem is, people might just riddle this section with meme avatars.


I’m starting to feel like the avatar team is desperately throwing things at the wall to see what sticks without any regard for what this platform truly is. Not only do we know nothing about how outfits are sourced but if outfits are created manually by users, many users aren’t going to want to just have someone else’s avatar re-hashed, you have to be transparent here.


or worse than “meme” avatars, just inappropriate stuff or fake copies of items, hell even skibidi…


I think the button says “See All”. You can see it in the screenshot right below.