Discussing New Ideas for Obby Gamepasses

Before reading, I know Tower of Hell is an exception to this.

I’m not developing an obby myself, but a frustration I have from a developer standpoint is the gamepass side of obby games. There are some inventive obby games such as the escape ones which have storylines, but most often the obby games I find are generic and easy levels compiled to be more levels to gain a front page view. The issue I have is that the gamepasses are always three things: skip level, fly/jump, or cosmetic. My issue with these are there is very little a practical use for these purchases. Yes you can skip a level, but why? Isn’t beating the level supposed to be the fun of the game? Flying or super jump defeats the whole purpose of the obby and takes away the fun. Finally, few people would consider cosmetics for an obby.

Now, why does this matter? Because there are many ideas that don’t get developed because these gamepasses are hard to sell. As a result the inventive obbys I feel are very limited and are dominated by mass-produced generic levels. I like the idea of higher quality gameplay being released for this game genre.

My solution/reason for making this post: I want to discuss as a community possible gamepass opportunities to better inspire developers on this form with ideas for new inventive games. My personal idea is adding storylines and having a side story be unlockable with a gamepass. This is so that players can enjoy the game without having to pay, but also if they found enjoyment in it can get an additional expansion on the game and support the developers. This is just an idea, but I wanted to see what this community could come up with. Can’t wait to hear from you guys!


This is a pretty good discussion, I’m currently working with two others (as a studio). To create a new Obby game, we’ve had lots of feedback already and positive players and a community however our biggest problem is balancing the monetization, mostly in Game Passes.

I opted for a double ‘reward’ gamepass alongside a Cosmetic gamepass however we are needing to add a few more that are original and that will help to produce robux used in advertising once the games out of Beta and is 100% working.

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Probably some alternative routes with new cool game mechanics. Some new game modes can also fit(ex. speedrun, 1 life, blind mode etc.).

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