[Dishonored Project] Scripter Needed!

Hello me and my friend Bakyl have been working on a Dishonored group with a few other developers, all our developers are currently Builders if you are a builder and wish to help all we ask is for an example of some work relatable to the genre, but we are In need of a SCRIPTER and there is sadly NO PAY (yet). Thank you for your time and if you wish to help out contact my discord and we can discuss terms
Discord: Lance, StevenMacLeod

Dishonored like the game?

Yes like the game dunwall tower etc

I just finished Dishonored 1 yesterday. Finished Dishonored 2 both as Corvo and Emily like a week ago. Pre-ordered Death of the Outsider, going against my rule of no preordering games. Got it for $22 so I guess that’s okay.

Love the games, but I sadly do not have the time to help. Good luck, though.

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Thanks Ill maybe link you to our games when we finish

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Personally, I’d like to help, but I already have way too much on my plate. Good luck on wherever this project may lead to, though.

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You should elaborate on what the payment when it comes around will be, cash or robux? If people are expected to be paid in cash then a binding contract for you to meet that arrangement is called for.

It will be Robux

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