Dislike influx on my game, need feedback

I recently started working on a 2D side scroller shooter game. While at first the like to dislike ratio was pretty decent, recently I’ve been getting about 4 dislikes for every like. I personally don’t understand why the dislikes are springing up so randomly. It’s obviously not a dislike bot, but most likely something with the game.

Any ideas? Is it that the game isn’t enjoyable, or maybe there isn’t much to do?

Here’s the game:

Any feedback or opinions would be greatly appreciated.


I tried out your game for a bit, but because I was the only one online the majority of the time, there was not much I could do except run around the map waiting for other players. Is there any way you could include optional things to do to improve the experience of players who are waiting, such as things to collect or NPCs to fight? The gameplay seems pretty straightforward, but I was only able to test it with another player for a couple minutes before they left, so I didn’t get to experience much of the game.

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I guess I should probably try to add bots to fight when there’s no players. That could help out a ton.

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My brother has played it. I LOVE IT :heart:

This game might have a good future, if you make good updates and that stuff, but i found a problem:

One Player:

My brother was playing alone, i mean, he was not able to do nothing. I would recommend you add NPCs, or minigames. If you can’t do NPCs that shoots, you can add NPCs which have a knife, which is more easier to make, and buff them, like giving them more speed or more health, or more damage.

Thanks for reading :+1: :123: