Dislikes problem in my game, what am I doing wrong?

I am quite puzzled on how to fix this problem, my game gets a lot of dislikes but the play times seem not bad (7-8 minutes approx) and the people I have gotten to try it have not seemed to dislike the game, however the game rating is very bad. I have made many changes, both adding new items, balancing weapons and even changing the entire map today. On top of that it’s getting harder and harder to advertise the games and I’m not even getting to 100 players and not even close to making a profit.


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The game feels pretty bland. I would suggest adding music.

Game is nice, but for one thing, the build does not fit, the outer map is huge, enormous and low poly. Whereas the area you defend isnt.

Many of the ‘noobs’ that you are meant to destroy have very minimal animations and are quite boring to watch

It also takes way too long to make money, its great but you have to wait to kill something, whereas usually you get the money for the damage you deal.

Grass likes to float as well

I also found it quite slow paced and that got me bored quick, just waiting for money.


^ (I got stuck inside the tower when placed)

The user Interface isnt pretty and gets pretty off-putting but I didnt really notice it too much, and instead of M you should put a Dollar sign or something so then its more understandable.


Random mesh parts around the map.

Overall, its quite boring, or as @/BubbleNinjaisnoob said, bland. Theres nothing else to really do. Like from me :+1:

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Before I rate it, I suggest changing the post title because it doesn’t seem as if you’re not really asking for feedback, rather asking a question.

It’s a very nice concept, but it can use some more work. I highly suggest you follow what @Dev_Lightz said above this message.
I wasn’t very interested and only stayed in the game for about 30 seconds. Maybe add more mechanics to the early game, something that’ll keep the audience hooked on it.

6/10 game. Could use work, but very nice!

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I have added changes such as music, and movement in the grass, clouds and trees, as well as fixing 2 important bugs, which I didn’t know about, and the trend doesn’t seem to improve.

As I said in the previous post, make sure to add more aspects to early game. I barely stayed in the game for 30 seconds, and that says quite a lot. I think where you went wrong is you added more aspects to late game than early game. New players will join and say to themselves “This is boring”. I suggest adding a tutorial as well.