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renders pretty good, but the lighting is a little bit bright on specific areas where its nearly white but that may be just be me, besides that I like the wrinkles on the clothes though. 9/10


I do agree, although there mayb be an explosion in the background or some bright light source in that case. My only criticism are the lasers, if the lighting is that bright in the background, you probably wouldn’t see them. if you’re trying to make them really “strong” lasers I’d add a glare/glow to them.


I do not know exactly what the red lines are meant for (Unless if they are watermarks) ,but you can see some that there is some minor clipping in the light on the main helmet.

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Not gonna lie it’s one of the best renders I have ever seen. The outfits and theme is pretty op and matches my likes! 10/10 :+1:


looks good, but maybe remove the laser effect.

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Looks nice but it looks over saturated in some areas, maybe make it look like the lighting is being emitted from somewhere, such as if they’re outside try making it so the lighting describes it alongside where it’s from.

Overall fix some of the clipping and you’re good to go, I like how you added neat details in it especially with the cloth,

Looks really nice, you might change some lighting on the renders, keep going on!

Renders pretty nice, I just think that the feet is a bit misplaced. Besides that, the render is very cool!

I love the way different lights are reflecting and mixing w/ the other lights. Really creative ! Keep it up

The renders look pretty good. However, I feel that you should put more emphasis on the shirts as they look very dark and not well detailed right now. Like what many people said, I also feel that you should remove the lasers.

Hope this help! Happy Holidays! :slight_smile: