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Only two real issues with me to be honest,
1: The glasses on the second person don’t match with the eyes, making it seem like he only has one eye.

2: The person with wings at the back looks off-center, try moving their head to be in the center of the two people infront.


I agree with everything @PMGDesigns has said and mentioned but I also have some input.

  • Make the duffel bag not cut off
  • Second guys right leg seems to be detached from his hip (his right)
  • Third to the spy dude seems to be crouching a little but his mid torso area seems stiff and doesn’t follow with his right back leg
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The wrinkles of the clothing makes it more realistic. Lighting is done pretty well.

For me the two hours you spend is too much on it, it’s a simple picture without the scene it dominates the attraction of people to look at. different working people:
examples :
the first one runs
the second one is sitting
third and fourth people joke together
the fifth person reads books

  • Will be more vivid and more prominent attention to the eyes of each person. I don’t like teaching others life, but this will improve your drawing. Good luck!

Material, texturing, idea, lighting, editing, shading, sculpting, scenario creating, etc.
This is why it takes two hours.
This one I didn’t make a scenario, but it is pretty much this.
Anyway, I appreciate what you said, I will continue improving.

Very nice render, clothing folds look good for the most part. However, the girls legs on the right don’t have any folds and there are still subdivision marks. The two characters accessories on the left don’t match up. Obvious clipping with the girl on the left and the bag. Not much to go off of but very very nice work.