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The new one looks brighter and more detailed. I definitely think the improvements look very good. Although there seems to be some noise in certain parts in the second one, whereas the first one looks very clean. But overall nice improvement !

The new one is a big improvement, it lightened the place up and made it more realistic. This is amazing compared to the first one. The first one was very bland and not very detailed, when I looked at the second one I saw a very detailed and impressive work of art.

The change of lighting has done great things for the piece! I would add some slight bloom to the cameras at the top, and perhaps a door or wall with a sign on the left side behind the observation glass. What program and rendering engine do you use?

I always make a point of bringing up the SCP Licensing Guide where SCP-173 comes up specifically. I have yet to see it lead to issues yet on Roblox, but it is something to be wary of.

Thank you!
And responding to your question, I use Blender, I don’t really use a rendering engine, I just use the lights blender have to offer, sometimes I use HDRIs but only when it is really needed, but at all, the lighting isn’t like that when I render, I edit the lighting in the photoshop, making it brighter and have more contrast.
And also, thanks for telling me about the License from SCP-173, I will be putting the credits for the Wiki and the artist from now on.

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Much better than what I have been able to do with Blender! The interface always drove me insane.

SCP-173 has been in quite a few Roblox games, ads, etc, so I don’t think it’s a big thing to worry about, but something to be aware of because it’s relevant - If licensing stuff hasn’t come up so far with Roblox and 173, then it probably won’t happen at all. Of course, the Plague Doctor and 096 are quite recognisable too, and have no such licensing (that I know of)! They could make an appearance in a future render perhaps. :smile:

I look forward to seeing more pieces from you!

Lighting still needs works, but second one is improvement.