Disney Parks Roblox Development Credits

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Disney Parks Roblox

Disney Parks Roblox is a Roblox experience that brings the real life theme park virtually through the Roblox platform.

Disney Parks Roblox is founded by a close-knit group of Disney enthusiasts, workers, developers, and former cast members who are dedicated to bringing the magic and wonder of Disney to you.

This group was founded in January 2021.

DPR is a Roblox group and not associated with the Walt Disney Company. Under the operations of this group, no real profit is made or earned. No copyright is intended.

Head Developer & Owner:

Founder & Former Head Developer:
@KevinTheCamera [Former Theme Park Associate]

@DylantheAviator [Former Universal Team Member]

Entertainment Director & Reference Consultant:
@ToodleIoo [Former DLR Cast Member & Former Theme Park Associate]

Developers & Contributors:
@zendevelop_er | @SimbaYonkers | @bishop1883 | @MxtchaMintz | @Destact | @ReplicatedFox | @Starport_Station75 | @sk3IIyy | @Pup_DLF @Entalux @RandomReecee


Asset Information

Graphical Recreation
Any and all graphics are a recreation and belong to their respective artists of the company. Some graphics have been recreated via digital art by @KevinTheCamera. The art may be removed by their respective owners.

The experience is a recreation of the real life theme park in California. It is recreated for educational purposes and made public for those to enjoy, along with user experience aspects to further the immersion of the experience. All of the architecture is recreated using a mix of reference pictures and images found online.

Disney Parks Roblox is not a direct brand or has any affiliation with the actual company. The group is built upon former and current Cast Members of the company and are not sponsoring or promoting this park to the company. The name and images respectfully are owned by the company and are not sponsoring or have direct affiliation with Disney Parks Roblox. All assets used in game that are of the company brand are used respectfully. No actual real profit is made. The experience was created as an educational experience and for all to enjoy.

Last updated: 11/9/2023