Disney Wonderland Frequently Asked Questions

Disney Wonderland FAQ’s

Last Edited: 15/08/2022 at 13:34 GMT.

This document was created and designed to answer some questions that are frequently asked amongst our community. Please note that all of the information is subject to change at any point given. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us through our Communications Sever which can be found under Disney Wonderland’s social links.

• How can I get a job at Disney Wonderland?
Job opportunities and positions can be obtained in our Communications Server. Currently, we have no open availabilities on our team, however you can discover when we are recruiting through our Communications Server!

• Where can I find the show schedule?
There are multiple ways in which you can see our entertainment schedule. As well as that schedule being in our Communications Server, you can also view it on the left side of your screen when in the park.

• Where can I report something or someone?
If you wish to report anything varying from game bugs, to Team Members, to guests, you can do so by contacting a Director+. All administrative actions will be held from there. Please ensure that you do also include some form of evidence so we can fix it for our future guests and allow a better experience.

• The game lags, why and how can I prevent it?
Usually some aspects of our park tend to be a little too much for some devices. Although our game has enabled access to all devices (console, personal computer, phone/tablet) we do not recommend it on them all. Some devices are more stable than others with higher aspects. We recommend turning down your graphics setting manually, or playing on a more stable device.

Other Useful Information

⚠️ Legal

Disney Wonderland Roblox (abbreviated to DWL) is not a real-world organisation. We do not associate with real-world organisations such as The Walt Disney Company* and/or any other external companies owned by The Walt Disney Company*.

Disney Wonderland Roblox is a fictional Disney-based park within the Roblox platform. Our purpose is to provide an unforgettable experience for all users from the comfort of their own home. Disney Wonderland uses (“we”, “us”, “our”) in reference to the Management and Upper Management of the organization. We value your privacy, therefore ensuring that all information provided throughout our sites are not publicly shared, instead kept for company and site use.

© Disney Wonderland Roblox. Not affiliated with any real-world companies.

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