Display All Permissions for Group Games

Hey developers,

Group-owned games use a role-based permission system. However, it was also previously possible to give permissions to individual users through an endpoint that has been removed. These individual permissions may still exist in certain games, but they’re not actually displayed on the Permissions Settings page alongside the role-based permissions.

We’re making a change that simply makes those permissions appear. We expect that a very small number of games will see these individual permissions appear due to the obscurity of the endpoint used to assign them. The main reason for announcing this change is to encourage you to check your group games’ permissions to make sure there aren’t any individual users with unwanted permissions.

To get to a group game’s Permissions settings, open the game in Studio and go to the RibbonBar → Home → Game Settings. All active permissions should be listed on the Permissions tab.

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Did the endpoint have to be removed? I can think of plenty of valid use cases for wanting users to have specific permissions.

@Vercte2: This change is to view permissions of specific users who were granted permissions through a now removed method. This doesn’t allow for any new permission granting; it just removes stuff.


This post is informing that a now-removed feature allowed group games to have user-specific (rather than roleset-specific) permissions. Until recently, those user-specific rolesets would not appear in game settings; now they do, although you cannot add new user-specific permissions.


This was one of the most important updates that was ever made to streamline development for large studios. My question remains, when will you add this back?


I asked the team responsible for this feature if we’ll see individual permissions for group games return in the near future and the response is: “Absolutely. We understand this is a desired feature. We are currently looking at ways we can support this in the near-term.”


Would anyone mind explaining this to me I am confused.

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Right now, you can only grant group game permissions to specific roles, not an individual user. Earlier, there was an internal endpoint people could make a web request to. That endpoint let you grant permissions to individual users rather than roles. People used that rather than giving individual people their own roles. Roblox realized people were accessing the endpoint, and removed it. They then made this update, which allows people to view users already added using the endpoint.


There are so many places to change setting all over, game settings, place settings, and now in studio settings… i’m having a hard time trying to find anything these days…

On another note, i thought this feature was released a long time ago and have been frustrated that i couldn’t find it…


@ziplocBag In studio its pretty simple as everything is all in one place in game settings unlike how it used to be. However configuring while on the Roblox website is slightly more confusing and they still haven’t updated any of the development pages to the new clean design.

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