Display Name Filtered

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Wasn’t sure what part of Help & Feedback to put this in, but anyway. For some reason, I can’t change my display name to ‘Matt’ or anything that has ‘Matt’ in it. You can have Mattt and Mat, but not ‘Matt’. I can’t think of a reason for this. If there is, please let me know. If there isn’t, is there any way to contact someone about it and try to get it unfiltered?


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hey I guess it’s because the name matt is the same as the name of the son of david basucki look:


That’s a good guess, but it might have something to do with the display name filter is terrible.

“Matt”, “Keith”, “Whitty” (but not "whItty [still an i] or “whiTTY”?) (and yes these are all FNF names) are all filtered.

Honestly not sure what the issue is with the filtering here.

You could feature request it via Roblox Support.


My full roblox name (steven4547466) is also filtered. I believe the filter thinks my name is a phone number. But I got this account 11 years ago. It’s obviously not a phone number and it literally has no meaning, but it’s so very annoying. Roblox’s filter has so many false positives that you might think that you’re living under the CCP when you’re on roblox.

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Possibly, but it would be weird for them to filter it completely.

Some landlines have phone numbers formatted similar to your username.

Yeah, I said that in my original comment. But I’ve had this account for 11 years. Up to 2015 this wasn’t a problem.

This is because display names use a separate filter.