Display name Fix!

Hello, due to the new display name update there are people trying to impersonate others, However I made this script to fix it, this script displays your username and display name

My display name is Lua

Anyways here is the model I explain the script

1 like and I make a post explaining every step.


Great idea, but can’t it get confusing since they’re the same size and font? Also some don’t set a display name so their username will appear twice.


This is a great idea! I feel that this would definitely lead to less impersonation. I do recommend exploring formats, color, and fonts just so you can find something that you feel comfortable with using and or to fit with game styles. Great work!

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I chose those fonts because I like them feel free to change them though!

Hmm… I have an Idea, I can put an @ sign, ex: @insertusernamehere - DisplayNameHere

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i’m confused on how i can change my display name.do you use a vpn?

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Yes, you set your VPN to Germany and the display name option appears.


I made this for my game. It clearly separates my display name on top and my username below, so there’s no chance of impersonating others. Maybe you could create something like that as well? :slight_smile:

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Oh that’s Great! I added a @ symbol but I think I forgot to update the model all yo have to do is put a “@” before player.name. Also great creation the UI looks amazing.