Display Name Remover

The time has come…

Roblox has recently started to slowly roll out there display name update. Some people(like me) think that people will use it to impersonate famous devs and(mainly) youtubes to scam users. so I’ve made a script that overrides this update if the games owner so wishes. I’m not able to put the script on sale, so here it is for download. Think I can improve on it or wish to give feedback, feel free to leave a reply.

Script.rbxm (771 Bytes)


Can you explain what yoru script does? I don’t get what you mean

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From the looks of it, it just changes the DisplayName to Username. Pretty simple but I doubt Roblox is going to allow changing Player Instance displayname tinkering (AKA Read-Only).

repeat wait(1) until game.Players.LocalPlayer ~= nil
local player = game.Players.LocalPlayer
if player.Character.Name ~= player.Name then
    player.Character.Name = player.Name

So it basically does this?

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You could say so, everyone has their own way of scripting. However, what you did just imposes an unnecessary delay of up to 1 second, and judging by the LocalPlayer, it’s a localscript which won’t be replicated Server-Side.

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Or you could send a server message. I think his script should be pretty efficient

I guess, but it’s still better to listen to the PlayerAdded event rather than waiting until a player instance shows up.

ye I’m not a scripter so idk how that works XD

look at this, you can change the user id:

They should be fine with it unless it isn’t removing the usernames or ROBLOX doesn’t allow this but Roblox probably wouldn’t mind so it’s ok

We’ll just have to wait and see until it’s released honestly.

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Can confirm the player DisplayName property is read only:image

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Did you tamper with the script? Its not doing that with me.

	p.DisplayName = "Test"
	print("Revoked display name")

Perhaps the current permission lets the username be allowed as a valid display name, but nothing else as the creator of a game could potentially name an unsuspecting player something inappropriate.

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When I did p.DisplayName = p.Name then it didn’t error. shrug

This just came out, so we don’t fully understand it yet. It may have a limit of what can be set(only username or DisplayName chosen by the user)

Also, there’s a possibility that DisplayName will be read only. (then again, UserId and UserName are read only)