Display Names are visible for a short period of time before being replaced with a username

Issue Type: Display
Impact: Low
Frequency: Constantly
First Experienced: Version 468 0.468.0.418570

Reproduction Steps:
Join any game that has the playerlist enabled, preferably, have a displayname set to your profile.
Your local leaderboard row will appear as your DisplayName for a few seconds

Expected Behavior:
The row should always display as a username, unless the region has display names enabled

Actual Behavior:
The display name is visible for a few seconds before changing back to a username

Other Data:
Previously, the playerlist used a Lua Defined FFlag known as PlayerDisplayNamesEnabled, the playerlist would default to a username until the module this FFlag is connected to returns true/false, if it returns true, it then resets the name to the DisplayName.

However, currently it appears the new default behaviour is to set the displayname before the FFlag is checked.


Example of this happening:


This happened to me today. I was getting some throttling or something, when doing Play Solo on Studio, on which CoreGui didn’t want to load, only when it did load it would start using actual usernames.

Usually game.ReplicatedFirst:RemoveDefaultLoadingScreen() allows this glitch to ocassionally happen. Never seen games that don’t use utilize it to have this bug.

If you can turn off your connection at the right time, you can get stuck at loading, with that happening.

i tried this too and it also happened to me . i opened a baseplate on studio then joined the game . After that i kept leaderboards open and clicked on my username . My display name (just my words as my username) flashed for like a millisecond . Turns out “DisplayNameEnabled” is a code in the player .

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I am confused, what do you mean by that?


Thanks for the report! We’ve filed a ticket to our internal database and we’ll follow up when we have an update for you.