Display parameters of function on Service page


Currently it is too hard to look at what parameters each function in a Service has at a glance. For example, on the MarketplaceService page I was trying to find the parameters for PromptGamePassPurchase to check if I had to use a player’s UserId or just their Player object. On the old layout, this was easily noticable at a glance but now I have to click through to the documentation page for the function to see the parameters.


They are working on fixing the API reference. For now, they have opened up the old wiki (but only on API reference pages).



Staff have to know what to fix in order to improve the new API reference page though, so this thread is still helpful even though the old API reference has been temporarily made available.


I think all of the reports on this thread explain everything what’s wrong with the new Developer Hub. They’re most likely aware.


It’s still good to make a separate thread on it to have individual discussion about it, and so it is not easily missed in the sea of other reports.