Display @Username instead of just their username on profile

As a Roblox developer, it currently looks too unorganized on the developer forum profile page, with our usernames simply being displayed under our display names rather than using the @ symbol behind the username.

To keep this update less confusing and more consistent, I feel that developer forum profiles should display the @ symbol just like it does on our profile pages on the main website:

Current Roblox Profile Page:

Visual Example:


Totally agreed. Actually I don’t think display usernames are needed in forums. Like we don’t play, chat with friends etc here. It is very inconvenient to see a lot of developers with confusing display names, because it’s hard understand who is who.

Also, in replies, these names look uncomfortable and unorganized, because there are two words in a row - two nicknames. The original name should at least have @


I was literally just going to make a feature request about this, the current layout of display names on the DevForum is very unorganized and I agree it should be fixed.

They should also do this on posts too, for example:

Display Name (@ Username)


I also find it completely unnecessary to show a username twice if a user hasn’t selected a display name.


Agreeded. When I first saw this, I thought peoples usernames were their display name + username until I looked at my profile and saw my display name.

The @ Symbol would be really helpful. Maybe add more spaces to it?