DisplayName and Name showing same Input but I have a DisplayName set

The Title might be a little dumb, but I already have a DisplayName set on my Roblox Account, however whenever I use the plr.DisplayName it shows the same input as my Username.

is this an on-going bug or what?

It doesn’t even toggle the state of a Image when I have the premium.

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If you test in an actual server, does it work as expected?

I’ll try and see if it works on an actual server, for the mean time, I’m going to continue finishing up the script before I update it.

but I got curious since… whenever I play-test on studio, it shows my display name.

Well the Premium detecting isn’t working on studio as well, might as well check this later on at the Server it self when I update it.

welp looks like its just Studio Bug, thanks for that man. Sorry for this :sob:

Did you try after restarting Roblox studio?

yup, once I updated my game, the next time I went on the Studio it went back to normal.

It kept happening last night too, so I got afraid why and it might have been a studio bug.

Changes to your ‘DisplayName’ won’t update until you restart Roblox studio, it isn’t a bug.

it happened with me last night and this morning. I even restarted studio last night. So I guess its just on my pov bug since when I updated the game, the next thing I entered studio, it isn’t bugging anymore

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