DisplayName compatible game / project

I have been in the works of converting my main project to take advantage from DisplayNames. Leaderboards, overhead gui’s, kill message, etc, have all been already converted to utilize DisplayNames.

Here’s some screenshots. Sorry these were taken on phone.

I ended up actually just remaking the overhead gui system because it was quite old. As you can see, it handles everything pretty well. If I were to not have a different DisplayName, then you can expect it to only show your username.

If you changed your DisplayName with a VPN when that was possible, or just wanna see how it looks in-game, here’s the game link.

I was wondering why I didn’t get any notifications from this post until I realised I haven’t posted it (i was supposed to 3 days ago lmao.)


This was a really cool idea! There will always be fakes on the leaderboard and people have to know who they really are.


This looks brilliant! I imagine a lot of games will be doing similar things moving forward, but your’s seems to be coming along great!

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Your link goes to ro.blox.com, is this just another Roblox domain? I’ve never heard of it before.

Yep, it’s the link that mobile users get. It’s really annoying, people encounter this and get scared.

Replace the ro.blox.com share link with the normal Roblox domain - Feature Requests / Mobile Features - DevForum | Roblox

I’ve seen some other DevForum members use it but never learned what it really was, thank you.

Thought there was a team of cookie grabbers taking over the DevForum, lol

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