Disro - Simple Discord to Roblox Moderation Bot

Disro is an event-driven discord.js-commando bot which at the moment contains only discord commands that can moderate users ingame

The full list of commands at the moment are

  • gamekick
  • gameban
  • gameunban

There are also other commands for moderators to utilize that can help them get information on specific servers such as.

  • gameservers
  • findplayer

I won’t go into detail here but this system can be faster and less resource intensive than other options because it uses a system called long polling

Why? What? How? All explained in the repository linked below

So head there and let me know what you think :smiley:
I am taking all forms of criticism and suggestions both here and at @Zz#7940

How effective is the bot?
  • Effective
  • Not up to par
  • Ineffective
  • I’ve seen/used better

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EDIT: If you chose anything other than Effective please let me know what can be done to improve/enhance the experience :))))


Amazing! Can’t wait to try this out. Thank you for this!

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The bot is really nicely done. Haven’t seen such cleanly written js-commando bot in a while. Would also love to participate in the poll but it’s closed off to everyone who the question you should actually asked - the people who will be using it in the future.


Please be sure you’re giving credit for using this repo’s code:


I’ve credited the original repo the longpolling was taken from which was rbxwebhook.js
Along with all the other dependencies used in the readme

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I hope it’s fixed now, thank you so much I’ve worked around bots a lot so I like to think I’ve learnt a thing or two :))

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How do you get the Server API Key?

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You randomly generate one, since it will be the way your server and roblox communicate, you want to make sure it’s random and unknown to anyone outside your bots’ development.

I’ve put a tutorial in the Github Wiki to figure out how to generate your own unique API key.
But it can be literally any random string :smiley:

npm start


Assuming you’ve done npm install and you do in fact have express installed. I’m not quite sure but perhaps try node . instead? If this error comes up continuously can you show me the cache’d log.

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